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Common wristband questions

When it comes to business marketing and brand awareness options, then wristbands continue to be a great investment option. They are extremely durable, able to withstand various elements and are available in a variety of options. If you need to know more, here are some of the more common wristband questions asked.

Wristband questions

1. What types of wristbands do you get?

Tyvek or paper wristbands
A tyvek wristband is a popular and cost-efficient wristband that works well for access control because of the tamper-proof seal. Ideal for one-day events.

Vinyl wristbands
For longer events also requiring a security wristband, then vinyl wristbands are a good option. It is able to withstand long-term weathering, while still remaining comfortable.

Fabric wristbands
Also suited to longer events requiring a high level of security, fabric wristbands are a popular option for festivals and are fully recyclable.

Promotional wristbands
Promotional wristbands are often used for supporting charitable causes, beliefs, or to make a fashion statement. This product range includes silicone, slapperbands, sweatbands, impact wristbands, USB silicone, lenticular and wrist straps.

RFID wristbands
At the higher price range are the technologically advanced RFID wristbands which contain a chip for storing information such as identification or for use in cashless payments. These are increasingly popular with multi-day events such as music festivals.

2. What is Tyvek?

Tyvek is a strong, tear-resistant, waterproof material which has a similar look and feel to paper. Available in a range of colours, Tyvek is a popular option for day events, offering straight-forward access security.

3. What are wristbands used for?

Different wristbands have different purposes, but essentially, they can be used for anything from crowd management and event access, to brand promotion and identification. The Tyvek wristbands are generally used for day events or nightclub passes, while Vinyl is often for longer events, theme parks or hospital identification. The Fabric and RFID wristbands are used for festivals while silicone wristbands are great for sports and charity events.

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4. Are wristbands secure?

The Tyvek, Vinyl, and Fabric wristbands are all tamper-proof and ideal for access control at events. Once removed, they cannot be reused. Silicone wristbands, however, are meant for repeat use so they are easily removed.

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5. What is the most durable printing for silicone wristbands?

If you’re looking for brand promotion, particularly at sports events, then your best bet is to go for a debossed silicone wristband which limits the fading of the ink. Alternatively, embossed (raised) or debossed (engraved) silicone wristbands don’t use ink but will retain the message for a long time.

6. Are the wristbands numbered?

Depending on the wristband type, they can be printed with serial numbers. Tyvek wristbands generally have numbers, although silicone wristbands often do not.

7. What is a good night-time wristband?

If you require wristbands that are easily identified at night, then there are UV options or even the popular glow-in-the-dark variety.

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8. Are wristbands waterproof?

The Tyvek, Vinyl and Silicone wristbands are waterproof, and while Fabric can be submerged in water, it will take some time to dry thereafter.

9. Can I create my own wristband?

Yes, you can customise the wristband to include your unique font, logo, colour scheme and artwork, provided the wristband supplier can accommodate your personalised requests.

10. Where can i buy wristbands in Boksburg?

There are several shop that supply Wristbands in Boksburg and surrounds. The easiest options if you looking for wristbands Boksburg is to search online and find a reputable supplier that offers fast deliver to your area. 

11. What is better Paper or Tyvek Wristbands? 

If you’re in the event or entertainment industry, then the words Tyvek® and paper wristbands might sound a bit foreign. The two terms are used interchangeably, although that’s not technically correct. 

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12. What are the wristbands trends for 2024?

If you’re planning an event this year, wristbands are undoubtedly the way to go for access control, marketing, and more! Here are some of the interesting new trends emerging in this sector in 2024.

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13. Where can i buy event wristbands online? 

There are several websites where you can browse a range of event wristbands and shop online for Tyvek wristbands.

14. What are the costs of event wristbands?

The cost of wristbands for events can vary with quantity, type, colour, branding and lead time. In general the more you buy the lower the cost per wristband. 

Here is a basic costing for various wristbands

  • 1o 000 Tyvek Wristbands: R0. 99 per wristband – R9 900
  • 10 000 Vinyl Wristbands:  R2.30 per wristband – R23 000
  • 1 000 Fabric Wristbands:  R139 per wristband – R 13  900

Please note cost are a guideline and subject to change. 


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