Aug 21

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Best Wristbands for Access Control

When thousands of people are about to descend on a venue for an organised event, things can get very messy very quickly. The first step to ensure some order in the chaos is organising an effective form of access control. For event management, many organisers are turning to security wristbands as the preferred access control measure. Here are some of the best selections when it comes to wristbands for access control.

Wristbands for access control

1. Tyvek Wristbands

The ‘paper’ or Tyvek wristbands are a great cost-effective option for events as wristbands for access control – generally one to three days. Printed in a range of eye-catching colours, with the ability for inscriptions as well, these are easy to use and tamper proof. The Tyvek wristband has a self-adhesive tab which can be easily secured and, once in place, cannot be removed without destroying the wristband itself. This prevents visitors from removing and reusing the wristband. They are also printed using sequential numbering to further enhance the security measures.

Tyvek Wristband

2. Vinyl Wristbands

A step up in price and a step up in durability, the vinyl wristbands (also known as plastic wristbands) are also suited to events running for up to three days. In fact, the weather-resistant nature of the vinyl product means they can be used for outdoor events, at theme or water parks, and resorts. The wristband is secured in place using a snap closure which cannot be opened once it’s fastened. Like the Tyvek wristbands, they can be printed in a range of colours, and are also available with tabs or as Trandband wristbands. On the tab wristbands, the tabs can be removed to denote food, drink or ride vouchers. Tradbands are wider, allowing for the printing of security information.

vinyl wristbands

3. Fabric Wristbands

These retro cloth or fabric wristbands are becoming popular for music concerts as they can be customised to include trendy designs and styles. Once the fabric wristbands are secured with a locking clasp, they can only be removed if cut off. They have several other security features as well, including security printed threads.

Wristbands - fabricbands

4. Covid-19 Screening Wristbands

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence our daily lives, companies are looking at creating a safe work environment for their employees, learners, contractors, members and customers. A wristband that allows you to identify at a glance which people have been temperature screened for COVID-19 which helps to minimizing risk of anyone accidentally being missed by screening or deliberately avoiding screening. These screening wristbands are available in a number of colours for each day of the week and have a secure, tamper-resistant die cut adhesive tab to ensure the bands are destroyed when removed.

5. RFID Wristbands

Radio Frequency Identification wristbands, or RFID wristbands, are an incredibly useful and effective access control method. All RFID wristbands have a chip within the band itself, which can store security information, allow for entry and exit, as well as providing the option of cashless payment – offering further security measures outside of just access control. These can be used for one-off events, conferences and any other organised functions. Event organisers are able to share useful information with attendees well ahead of the event; vital security identification information can be stored on the RFID wristband, and they can sync with social media accounts.

6. Barcoded Wristbands

Tyvek, vinyl and fabric wristbands can all be printed with barcodes, sequential numbers or QR codes as an additional feature of a wristband for access control. This allows for faster access into any venue, no transference of access control wristbands, cost reduction and general ease of use.

Working with a reliable access control wristband supplier will ensure you have all your event access control needs met with minimal fuss. You will be able to analyse samples, compare costs and aesthetics, and discuss your best wristband option with experienced individuals.