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Types of custom wristbands for events

Festivals… concerts… sporting contests… conferences… waterparks… everything is happening again! This is good news for outgoing individuals, and even better news for event organisers, but it does require some planning in terms of promotional opportunities and access control. Fortunately, event wristbands solve both those problems, offering companies a visible and innovative solution to ensure smooth and easy access control for events of all sizes. Here’s why you should consider event wristbands – and custom event wristbands in particular!

What are event wristbands?

Coming in a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes, event wristbands are user-friendly bracelets that can come with non-transferable clasps to monitor crowd numbers. Depending on the wristband type, you can either order customised wristband solutions or the plain option.

How can event wristbands be customised?

There are so many ways! You can decide on:

  • The specific type of wristband material you’d like for your event;
  • The exact shade of colour to match your brand or event theme;
  • The font type and style;
  • A straight-forward colour or glow-in-the-dark;
  • Whether the font is embossed or debossed;
  • If the wristbands will be straight or stylised;
  • What type of clasp you’d like such as the non-tamper solution;
  • The logos or imagery you’d like included;
  • Any company information you’d like such as websites or social media handles; and
  • Whether there will be an easily scannable QR code.

What are the best custom wristbands for events?

Custom wristbands are a great solution if you’re looking for your event to stand out from the crowd while promoting your specific brand. Here’s a look at best options for custom wristbands.

1.     Tyvek® or paper event wristbands

Made from a high-density, paper-like material known as Tyvek®, these are some of the most popular custom wristbands. This is because they’re an incredibly affordable option, as well as being a really durable wristband that can withstand extensive wear and weathering. Each wristband is sequentially numbered on the adhesive to monitor capacity and tracing, with security die-cuts to prevent the wristband from being removed and reused. If you’re looking for a custom wristband suited to day events such as amusement parks and sports, then custom wristbands are the best option.

2.     Silicone event wristbands

If you’re looking for a promotional wristband that doesn’t act as access control but is likely to re-worn after the event, then silicone wristbands are ideal. They come in a range of widths, in both adult and youth sizes, with embossed and debossed printing, glow-in-the-dark, swirl patterns and more! These wristbands are best-suited to raising support for a cause, generating funding and starting a wide-reaching movement.

3.     Plastic event wristbands

For something more durable than Tyvek® or paper event wristbands, you can consider a custom plastic event wristband. Plastic wristbands are ideal for conferences or festivals that are going to last longer than one day. These also feature a once-off snap closure for effective crowd control, with many varieties of customisation available. You could consider differentiating your specific event with a laminated wristband, wrinkle-resistant material, imprinting, logos and more.

4.     Vinyl event wristbands

Another custom alternative is the vinyl wristband option which is much more durable than plastic with a middle layer that helps the band maintain its shape. In addition to this, the lower layer of vinyl wristbands is made from taffeta – a smooth, woven material that makes for a softer feel against the skin. As with the plastic and paper wristbands, the vinyl cannot be removed and reused because of its tamper-proof clasp. This makes them ideal for resorts, festivals, school camps, conferences and more.

5.     Cloth or fabric event wristbands

Finally, for a really classy custom wristband, look no further than the fabric or cloth event wristband. They’re made from comfortable fabric, and while they do get wet, they can still be worn long after events as a statement piece. When it comes to fabric clasps, there are two types to consider – the adjustable closure which allows you to remove the wristband if preferred, and the locking closure for event access control. You can choose between woven and sublimation (also known as printed) styles, with the latter allow for intricate, photographic imagery and a variety of inks. Woven bands can feature up to eight colours, including bright neons, with a very natural fabric feel. These custom wristbands are ideal for sports events and festivals, with attendees often retaining these as memorable keepsakes.

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