Wristbands are crucial for a successful event, ensuring that there is either a clip/locking mechanism or tamper-evident adhesive tab for closure of the wristbands will cut down on access to the event without receiving payment. We have a wide variety of shapes, colours and styles of wristbands to choose from to ensure even the most tailored needs are met.

A Wide Variety of Security Wristbands to Choose From

Whether you need plastic, vinyl or material wristbands, you can find an option that suits your needs perfectly. Anyone that has ever been to hospital, will recognise the plastic ones that you get when you go in for an operation or you have to stay overnight. If you have ever been to a concert, then you will probably remember those paper-like strips that have the name of the event name printed on to them. They can be customised and designed to look exactly the way that you want them to, and you can have them printed in just about any colour. In fact, you can even get high resolution images printed on to them and it could even pass for an item of clothing, if you really wanted it to. This is why you need to contact a reliable supplier. IDCBand SA will help you get the most suitable gate passes for your next big event.

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Wristband Supplier in Johannesburg


Tyvek  (also known as Paper Wristbands), are the most popular type of event gatepasses due to their cost effectiveness as well as their durability and access control security features. They are tear resistant as well as water resistant, making them the perfect choice for any 1-3 day event.

Vinyl Wristbands


Vinyl are an excellent choice for any event up to 10 day. These  are perfect for concerts, exhibitions, festivals and any event that requires a high level of access controlled security.

Fabric Wristbands


Fabric wristbands are a very popular choice for long events and events that require a higher level of security. Due to their tamper proof and durable nature, these are often used at events that last over a week.

Promotional Wristbands


Promotional wristbands are often used for supporting charity causes, to show support for certain beliefs as well as to make a fashion statement. This product range includes silicone, slapperbands, sweatbands and impact wristbands. USB silicone, lenticular  and wrist straps.