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From identification and card carrying to nifty pen holders. Lanyards are proving to be an extremely useful accessory in the corporate, entertainment and educational environments. They are lightweight, cost effective and easy to use, furthermore there is just so much more to the lanyard, all of which is outlined below.

What are lanyards?

Starting with the basics, a lanyard is a length of some form of material that is sewn into a loop – which is worn around the neck – and is fitted with a hook or clip. Attached to this is often a plastic sleeve for an identification badge of some sort. There are various items that can be connected to a lanyard. The loop can be basic, or it can be customised with a company name, contact details, logos or any other marketing detail that is selected.


What are lanyards made from?

Lanyards are made from a variety of materials which give the consumer more product and pricing flexibility. Certain materials will also suit different events so it’s good to evaluate the various lanyard types (see below) before you can chose which material. All materials – except for the basic lanyard cord – are sold with optional, custom imprinted designs and the material is generally bought on rolls which is cut to a specific length. The most common materials used for the creation of lanyards are nylon and polyester with some form of metal or plastic clip or hook attached. However, various forms of satin, silk, braided leather or even beads are possible.

Types of lanyards

1. Dye-sublimated lanyards

The best quality lanyard, dye sublimation allows for multi-colour imprints on both sides of the lanyard loop. Any logo information is actually imprinted within the material as opposed to sitting on the surface, therefore it is less likely to become worn. The base lanyard is a white polyester material with the chosen lanyard colour sublimated onto this.

2. Imprinted polyester lanyards

Possibly the most popular of all lanyard types, the polyester imprinted version is affordable with the text and silk screen printed onto the lanyards. This ensures any custom design shows up in clear detail.

3. Woven lanyards

Created using the same quality polyester as with imprinted lanyards, the woven lanyard uses multiple colours for the formation of logo and text. This results in a clean, soft and professional finish; however, only basic designs and text can be used.

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4. Imprinted tubular lanyards

The most cost effective of all lanyard types, the tubular lanyard is made by tube stitching the polyester into a comfortable loop with the custom designs then printed onto the tubes.

5. Imprinted nylon lanyards

Created using high quality nylon, this lanyard has a really smooth sheen making it perfect for more intricate designs and logos.

6. Blank lanyards

When just a basic lanyard is needed without promotional paraphernalia then the blank lanyard is an ideal choice. The lanyard can be dyed in a range of colours if needed.

7. Reflective lanyards

Great for night-time events, the polyester or nylon lanyards can be made using reflective material.

8. Pack type

These lanyards have a specially-woven inner core that can expand to 1.1m for shock absorption in case of falls. They also have a heavy-duty, back-up safety strap.

9. Bamboo or lanyards

These sustainable, biodegradable lanyards are made from 100% bamboo fibre and can be customised.

10. PET lanyards

These lanyards are made from environmentally friendly recycled PET material and can also be customised.

11. Detachable or breakaway lanyards

Made from a variety of materials, these lanyards allow for the bottom section of the lanyard to be easily removed and re-attached at any time using a clasp.

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Ten unique uses for lanyards

The uses for lanyards are unending. Although they are often given out as a simple marketing tool, they can be used for so much more. From card holders to vital organisation tools, lanyards are handy accessories that make everyday life a bit easier.

1. Promotional items

The positioning of the lanyard on the chest creates a prime space for company marketing and, because they can be reused in many ways, they are often re-worn for quite some time. Company colours, text, design, logos and contact details can be printed onto the lanyard. Organisations can even add a QR code which is screen-printed onto the lanyard, taking users directly to a website or allowing the user to update contact details to a cellphone.

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2. Flashdrive carrier

These handy little electronic devices have a devilish way of getting lost. You can avoid misplacing them by connecting your flashdrive to a lanyard, and have an easy way of carrying your flashdrive around without losing it along the way.

3. Outdoor activities

While enjoying the great outdoors, away from the bustle of the working world, the last thing you need is to misplace your trusty knife or lifesaving compass. Just attach your vital outdoor accessories to a lanyard and keep them readily available.

4. Key organisation

Quite easily the world’s most lost item, the key. But no more! By securing your keys to a lanyard, they are easy to find. Lanyards are also a great way of sorting out keys for different sections of the home or office space.

5. Animal leash

When it’s the correct length, a lanyard can be attached to a pet collar and turned into a comfortable leash when walking your pet. These can be further customised to include contact information of the pet’s owner in case of any unexpected dashes.

6. Security access and card storage

With the plastic card holder, security access for work facilities, cruise-liners and even security villages is made a lot easier with the lanyard – particularly swipe keys. Cruiseliners also tend to use lanyards for their cruise cards which are needed throughout the ship.

7. Whistle holder

Those in the lifesaving and coaching professions are constantly in need of fast access to a whistle and having one attached to a lanyard is the best option. It won’t get lost and is easy to reach in an emergency.

8. Pen holder

Certain lanyards are specially designed for carrying pens, something that is vitally important in many offices, government departments and healthcare facilities. Hospitals constantly require forms to be completed and signed and this process is sped up (vital in any emergency situation) by easy access to a pen around the neck. They also act as a ‘hands-free kit’ allowing doctors and nurses to tend to patients.

9. Big events

Used as access passes, colourfully differentiating between media, VIP, entertainment and paying guests, lanyards are fantastic tools at conventions and entertainment events.

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10. Hats and sunglasses

For those windy days, lanyards prove quite useful in securing hat to head while glasses and sunglasses can be kept close at hand by securing them to an attractive beaded lanyard.

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