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Event Wristbands for Sale

If you’re in the market for event wristbands, there are quite a few factors you consider before placing an order. The type of event you’re organising, location, size, and event-goers will all play major deciding roles in the event wristbands you decide to buy. To make the process simpler, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide, outlining everything you need to know about wristbands for sale.


What are the types of wristbands?


There are several types of wristbands you can choose from when making a purchase. They’re all great options, they simply vary in material type and cost, making them suited to different events.


  1. Tyvek wristbands

These event wristbands are made of Tyvek which is a durable, tear-resistant material with a similar feel to paper. They are great for short-term events, and are the most budget-friendly option available.


  1. Plastic wristbands

The next step up from Tyvek is the more durable and waterproof plastic wristband. These event wristbands are suitable for longer events, those hosted outdoors, or those involving water.


  1. Fabric wristbands

These event wristbands are made of cloth material, making them extremely durable and comfortable. They are often used for multi-day events or as keepsakes, and are more versatile in terms of logos and imagery.


  1. RFID wristbands

These high-tech event wristbands are embedded with RFID – radio-frequency identification – chips which cater for cashless payments, access control, and attendee tracking.


How do wristbands work?


The great thing about event wristbands is that they’re really simple to use, and suited to all ages and sizes. As the name suggests, they’re typically worn around the wrist and fastened with an adhesive, a snap closure, or a reusable closure mechanism. Each wristband may have unique features, such as serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, or RFID tags to facilitate access control, identification, and tracking.


What are wristbands for?


Event wristbands are an incredibly versatile product, suited not only to events, but access control for a range of functions and facilities. Here are some of the uses of these diverse products:


  1. Admission control

Wristbands will ensure that only paying attendees can access the event. Because of the tamper-proof clasps, they can’t be transferred from one person to the next.


  1. Security

Wristbands are also ideal for quickly and easily identifying authorised personnel, staff, and VIPs at an event, separating them from attendees. This is an effective security measure.


  1. Crowd management

If you’re organising an event with liquor or price-differentiating offerings, then wristbands are ideal for events. The colour coding of wristbands can differ between tiers and age groups.


  1. Branding and marketing

Wristbands are an incredibly impactful tool for promoting event sponsors, logos, or messages. Silicone wristbands in particular, which are incredibly durable and can be reused, are proven as effective marketing tools.


  1. Enhanced experience

When you choose the right event wristband, you are also providing your event-goers with easy access to amenities, activities, or special privileges. This results in an enhanced experience for your attendees.


Are wristbands reusable?


Most wristbands for sale are not reusable as the non-tamper clasp makes them great for access control. However, if you do want reusable wristbands as a way to enhance the promotional aspect of the event, or if it’s beneficial for event-goers to take the wristband off, then you can opt for a silicone wristband or some varieties of plastic and fabric wristbands that have reusable clasps.


What are the key considerations when choosing wristbands?


There are so many different types of wristbands, ranging in material, style, and cost, you might want to consider a few factors before choosing which one is best for you. You should consider


  • Your event budget
  • The number of attendees
  • Security requirements
  • Indoor or outdoor event
  • The duration of the event
  • Customisation options
  • Wristband availability


What are the benefits of event wristbands?


There are lots of reasons you should consider wristbands for your event! Here are some of the benefits these products offer.


  • Increased security for your event
  • Easy identification of paid attendees and categories
  • Enhanced durability for multi-day use
  • Cost-effective option for large-scale events


Where do you buy wristbands?


Many online organisations manufacture and sell wristbands, but if you’re looking for event wristbands in South Africa, then IDCBand is the best play to buy. The company has been supplying promotional products to the events and promotions industry worldwide since 1995 and now. They have established themselves as the leading supplier of wristbands, lanyards and promotional items in South Africa!