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Best Wristbands for Nightclubs, Bars and Parties

One of the biggest headaches for drinking and dance venues is the restriction of underage fun-seekers to the establishment. It’s unrealistic to expect the bar staff to check the identification of every patron requesting a beverage. The more logical option is to have security at the door perform a once-off identification check and then indicate, in some visible manner, which patrons can drink alcohol or access restricted areas, and which cannot.

nightclub wristbands

Wristbands for nightclubs, bars and parties

Why wristbands?

For a convenient, efficient access control system, many establishments are opting for wristbands. Rather than the reusable versions, there are many tamper-proof wristbands that cannot be re-worn once removed from the wrist. This safeguards against swopping of wristbands with non-paying individuals and provides security staff with a quick, visible form of identification and categorisation.

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Unlike hand stamps or traditional paper tickets, wristbands are almost impossible to lose or transfer and the substances used for the formulation of wristbands makes them resistant to heat and water.

Types of wristbands

The benefit is that wristbands come in so many variations, there is a type to suit every venue and every budget.

  1. Tyvek wristbands: These are great for short-term use (for a day or a night) and provide the best price point while still offering establishments a secure access control. They will withstand the rigorous dance and drink activities – thinks spills and sweat – without coming off.
  2. Vinyl wristbands: These are a bit of a step up and suited to longer events where a more hardwearing wristband is called for. This incredibly durable material will last longer than a week if necessary.
  3. Fabric wristbands: While these are also great as access control, they are certainly at the higher end of the price range so great for really special events. Fabric wristbands are an ideal choice for an establishment hosting a quality live music event or other memorable occasion.
  4. Silicone wristbands: Although these are by no means security wristbands, they are a great choice for event awareness so any charity initiative. They can also be sold at the venue for fundraising.

Things to consider

Before ordering a stash of wristbands for your establishment, here are a few things to consider:

  • Colour: It’s best to go for something really luminous because of darker indoor lighting and crowds. Incorporate contrasting colours to differentiate between categories such as those eligible for drinking alcohol and those who are underage, or VIP sections.
  • Glow-in-the-dark: These are a particularly popular nightclub option for the obvious reason that they stand out, making identification easier. There is also something very appealing about glow-in-the-dark objects that seems to cut across all age groups.
  • Font: The bigger, the better for night-time events. Rather opt for practicality over aesthetics when it comes to the font style, as security will need something legible to work with.
  • Designs: Up close a stunning graphic makes for a really eye-catching wristband, but it can make the overall effect too busy and the message difficult to decipher.

Most companies will offer a sample of the complete wristband, for a fee, but it’s really worth getting a select few printed and tested out before making a big order. That way, establishments can find the best wristband option for their particular venue.

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