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15 fun uses for wristbands

Silicone wristbands are renowned for their incredible marketing ability, spreading awareness about non-profit organisations, corporates or even campaigns. However, they have many more uses than just the regular ‘wristband’. Here are 15 fun uses for silicone wristbands.

Wristband uses

1. Christmas decoration

Get really creative this festive season by fashioning your own Christmas bauble. You can fill the bauble with colourful silicone wristbands and complete the look using a wristband to hang the decoration as well!

2. Package seal

This is a great idea either for simply sealing bags that you’ve opened, or an innovative way to finish off a stunning present. Just stretch the wristband across the length of the parcel and then twist it and wrap around the breadth. You can really create a fun and colourful gift by simply using a silicone wristband.

3. Cable binders

If you have a cluttered mess of electric wires and cables that are constantly getting tangled, then keep everything tidy with your silicone wristband. Just group the wires together and tie. Apart from being simple and easy to use, silicone wristbands won’t conduct heat so there is no risk of a fire hazard.

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4. Bottle label

Different coloured silicone wristbands can be placed around various jars with contents clearly identified on these fun labels. Not only will your jars be easy to identify but the silicone wristband also offers another area on the jar to grip on so they won’t easily sip out of your hands and shatter on the floor.

5. Pot plant tags

Similarly, you can really spruce up your garden by labelling your various pot plants using a variety of silicon wristbands. Tie onto the stem of a plant or wrap around a branch. It’s as easy as that.

6. Apple holder

Packing your children’s lunchboxes is much more interesting when you incorporate silicone wristbands. Pre-slice apples and, to prevent them from browning by snack time, just secure the apple with the wristband. Not only will your children love the delicious apple but they can also swap and collect the silicone wristbands with friends.

7. Bottle opener

In addition to labelling your jars and bottles, you can use your silicone wristbands to open those really testy items. Place the silicone wristband around the lid to give more grip when you twist.

8. Mug grip

If your travel mug gets far too hot and slippery then grab a bunch of those silicone wristbands and wrap them around the middle of the mug. Slip-resistant and a great insulator.

9. Book binder

To prevent your books from opening and pages being ruined, slip a silicone wristband around your book before packing it in your bag.

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10. Hairbands

Hot, sweaty and out of hairbands? Then just take that silicone wristband off your wrist and tie up your hair.

11. Phone grip

If you’ve spent all your cash buying that stunning new smartphone with no extras for a cover, then just re-purpose those silicone wristbands you’ve been saving. By placing them around the corners, you have a non-slip grip which also acts as a shock absorber if you drop your phone.

12. Make maternity pants

By fastening one end of the silicone wristband to your jean button and looping the other through the buttonhole, you have instant maternity pants. Don’t waste that money on once-off maternity clothes!

13. Prevent ribbon unravelling

Once unleashed, ribbon and string can quickly get away from you, inexplicably entangling itself so as to render it useless through its frustrating knottiness. Prevent this mayhem by wrapping your silicone wristband around the ribbon or string, holding it in place.

14 Object wrist strap

If you keep losing your camera/keys/phone, then just loop your silicone wristband through whatever opening you can find and then wrap the band around your wrist to keep it safe.

15. Tie dye your Easter eggs

Want to really impress your children? Wrap your silicone wristband around the eggs and dip them in various types of paint. Once dry, simply remove the bands and you have some fun patterns!

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