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End-of-Year Function Wristbands

The annual end-of-year party is generally a time of good cheer and festivity, celebrating all the commitment, contribution and (mostly) hard work of everyone in the organisation, but for those in the organising committee, it’s quite a daunting affair. This is particularly the case for large-scale corporations with hundreds, if not thousands of members, all celebrating at the year-end function together. To assist with access management and monitor who has had the free meal or drink, then wristbands are the best control option. Here are a few ideas for the best wristbands suited to that end-of-year function.

Function wristbands

1. Performance

A year-end celebration at an expansive stadium or festival venue will most definitely require access control in the form of wristbands. For a concert performance, musical act or entertainment, there are sure to be those who want unrestricted access, so the use of non-transferable Tyvek wristbands is definitely worth considering. These can be printed in a range of colours with a company logo or design imprinted. Fabric wristbands, which can also be specifically designed, are also an option worth considering.

2. Charity dinner

A year-end charity function doesn’t necessarily require tamper-proof wristbands which is why the popular silicone wristbands will fit the bill. These lightweight wristbands can also be printed in a variety of colours – including a glow-in-the-dark option which works well in the evening – with the charity details included on each. These act both as an entrance to the event, as well as a take-home gift which spreads the charitable message.

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3. Employee retreat

Organisations nice enough to offer employee retreats for a night or weekend should also consider wristbands for the event. The full-colour plastic or PVC wristbands are ideal for longer events because of the tamper-proof clasp and durability, meaning they won’t get lost along the way. The wristband will help the accommodation or host venue differentiate between guests belonging to the retreat and others. This is particularly useful because guests might have access to certain activities and transport options that others do not.

4. Picnic in the park

An outdoors end-of-year event is a great idea, particularly because the extra space means members can invite family as well. But these events can also be difficult to manage with outsiders gaining unwanted access. PVC or Tyvek wristbands prevent any unauthorised access while colour variations offer access-level control for children.

hospitality wristbands5. Amazing race

For the more energetic year-end functions, a fun activity such as an amazing race is a popular bonding activity. But having people racing across town to a variety of venues will require some form identification – both for the venue owners and for the participants. For this, PVC or silicone wristbands will work really well. Differing colours can also be used to indicate the team members.

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The range of quality wristbands now available provides event organisers with so many options, not only for access control but also as memorabilia following the event. Creativity is unlimited when designing the wristbands and differentiation in colour allows for levels of access as well as VIP passes.

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