Nov 10

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Wristband Tips

For conferences, concerts, festivals, sports’ contests, theme park and so many other events, wristbands have become the ‘go to’ option for access control. Whether it’s the popular and economical Tyvek wristbands, durable vinyl, funky fabric or memorable silicone, there is a wristband suited to every event. However, to get the most out of your event-access wristband, here are a few handy tips to follow.

Wristband Tips

1. Avoid ink-based stamps

Ink will not last on any of the wristband types and will just result in a smudgy mess if applied. Ink can easily be transferred to another user and, in any case, the incorporation of the wristband into an event as access control should mean that ink-based stamps are not necessary.

2. Incorporate branding

One of the biggest concerns with event access is duplication of the access item – the wristband. It’s essential that the ability to replicate the wristband design is made almost impossible and one way to do this is to incorporate branding on the wristband. This could be in the form of the event logo or sponsors’ branding.

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3. Vary the branding or print

For multiple events, try to select a unique brand or print type for each event as this makes it much more difficult for the wristbands to be duplicated or re-used elsewhere. It may take a bit longer in the preparation stage but pays off in the long run.

4. Do not reveal the design

Whatever happens, do not reveal the design of the wristband to anyone prior to the event. The more people that have access to it, the more chance of it being leaked and forged, so keep it on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.

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5. Use different colour wristbands

Most events will have different levels of access – whether it’s for VIP areas, bars or media – and this means that security will need to monitor who can go where. At the event, with hundreds or thousands of people moving around, colour co-ordinated wristbands will go a long way in assisting with this swift control and flow of movement.

6. Brief your security

To avoid any on-day confusion and irate visitors, make sure all security staff are thoroughly briefed on the visuals of the event wristband as well as the colours for the various areas of access. This does not need to be done too far ahead of time – as mentioned earlier, this could lead to duplications – but it does help for the security staff to know what they are looking out for quickly.

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