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Wristband Security Features

While event organisers are obviously concerned with all attendees having a good time, they are also concerned with the well-being of all individuals and property, which is why event security is such an important part of all planning. These days, entrance control is much more sophisticated, thanks – in a large part – to the incredible range of security features that now come with event wristbands. Here are some of the top five wristband security features that have proven incredibly effective for events.

Wristband Security Features

1. Clasps
A seemingly basic little addition to the wristband is the tamper-proof clasp that prevents any visitor from removing the wristband without destroying it. This ensures that there is no transference of the wristband to non-paying customers and the visitor is also prevented from losing this vital access tool. Security wristbands have a range of tamper-proof locks for various wristband types, including:

  • The socket and stud – the well-known vinyl wristband lock which folds back onto itself and clasps shut.
  • The barrel lock – a plastic tube (or barrel) that slides one-way onto a fabric wristband. This lock has two layers of plastic teeth which grip the fabric, preventing the wearer from sliding it in the opposite direction.
  • The SmartLock – a plastic, hinged clasp and metal pin which pierces the fabric wristband to prevent removal.
  • The metal ring – the aluminium ring is crimped with a tool and when closed, tightly pinches the two ends of the wristbands together.
  • The loop lock – a socket and stud lock that loops over a fabric wristband and fastens into a pre-punched hole.
  • The self-adhesive tab – this adheres to Tyvek wristbands and cannot be re-opened.

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2. RFID (Radio Frequency Identity Bands)
This very sophisticated tamper-proof wristband comes with a security chip which sends out a radio frequency. Visitors to any event will have to pass through a metal frame with a sensor which scans the wristband. In addition to access control, these modern gadgets allow event-goers to purchase food, drinks and merchandise once inside the venue, preventing the need for cards or cash. Because these wristbands are generally accessed before the event, attendees can even link emails and social media profiles with the wristband, and sponsors can use these items for communication with each individual.

RFID wristbands

3. UV (Ultra Violet) 
This is an additional security feature for wristbands which allows security to check the authenticity of a wristband using a UV light. The wristband can have an icon or wording which can only be picked up by blacklight on entering the venue. These are particularly popular for nightclubs and festivals.

UV wristbands

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4. Barcodes
Available on Tyvek, vinyl and fabric wristbands, barcodes are a really basic, foolproof method to assist with event access security. A barcode machine will be able to check the imprinted details to ensure the wristband is authentic and, in addition, parents’ information can be included on wristbands assigned to young children in case they get lost.

barcode wristband

5. Material 
One of the most effective security features on modern wristbands is the actual material of the wristband. Tyvek, which is a really cost-effective material, is stronger than paper, absorbs almost no moisture and is completely tear-proof. One step up is the vinyl wristband, made from an incredibly durable plastic. The fabric wristbands obviously cannot be torn, are easy wearing and strong.

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