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Event Security Trends 2018

While security has always been a feature of event organisation, the Las Vegas shooting incident in October last year, the bombing at the Manchester Arena in May and a host of other crowd-targeted terror attacks have seen security become a priority for all event management. Here are a few event security trends we can expect in 2018.

Event Security Trends

1. In-app Crowd Trackers

Many large-scale events are establishing apps which allow attendees to both access information about – and entrance to – the event, while also garnering necessary information about the attendees. Event organisers are now going a step further by using in-app crowd trackers which contain personally identifiable data which could be used for security purposes, particularly in emergency situations.

2. Crowdshaping Technology

This is the latest software which assesses the interests and reactions of all attendees throughout the event. Using application software, event managers can gain this information from a variety of technologies such as smartphones or smart-watches with real-time data collection used from check-in. The primary function of this sophisticated technology is for organisers to mould the event to the liking of all attendees, but on a secondary level, the information can be used for heightened security measures and to alert organisers of any potential threat.


3. Drones

Drones allow for real-time 360-degree videoing of the event for live streaming purposes. This is ideal for event broadcasting as well for additional event security. They can be used for security surveillance as well as to conduct necessary search and rescue missions if needed.

4. Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Wristbands

Using electromagnetic fields, RFID wristbands are track tags containing stored information. For event management, these sophisticated wristbands track attendance and can be used for conducting payment. They are extremely effective in preventing unauthorised event access and enhancing the overall security of events through information access.

RFID wristbands

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5. Cybersecurity

With so much information being disseminated online, it’s vital that event organisers ensure the security – not only of the attendees physically – but of their personal information. This is why cybersecurity is becoming such a major trend in event management this year. Rather than archiving and storing client data, many organisers will remove the data after the event. Alternatively, they will incorporate high-level antivirus software, data-loss prevention tools as well as security information and event management software to minimise risk.

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As security measures for events become more sophisticated, attendees are able to have an enhanced event experience. However, it is vital for event planners to work with trusted suppliers who are compliant with all relevant privacy laws.

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