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5 of the best uses for Security Wristbands

The advent of tamper proof wristbands has proved a revolutionary identification tool across industries. Offering a unique, non-invasive security and information-disseminating feature, these wristbands have a number of incredible uses. Here are six of the best uses for security wristbands.

Security and Access Control Wristbands

1. Medical admission

In such high-pressure situations where time is of the essence and emergency information needs to be readily available, security wristbands have become essential. Hospitals and medical centres differentiate between patients by securing them with a wristband on admittance, upon which is the patient’s name, reason for stay and any other vital information such as allergies. Security wristbands, because of the soft texture and size adjustability, are also perfect for maternity wards where newborns are easily identified. They also provide a lovely piece of memorabilia for new parents when discharged from the hospital to embark on their new adventure.

2. Covid-19 Screening Wristbands

As the pandemic continues to influence our daily lives and people return to work. Companies are looking at ways to ensure a safe work environment for their employees, learners, contractors, members, and customers. A tamper proof screening wristband allows you to identify immediately which people have been temperature screened for COVID-19. This is a great way to reduce risk of anyone accidentally being missed by screening or deliberately avoiding screening. These Covid-19 screening wristbands are available in several colours for each day of the week and have a secure, tamper-resistant die cut adhesive tab to ensure the bands are destroyed when removed.

3. Bachelor and bachelorette parties

These fun-filled events often involve a large group of individuals who are not necessarily known to each other. Add in a few drinks and things can get quite out of hand if people are not easily identified. To avoid anybody Missing in Action, many bridesmaids and best men are opting for security wristbands – generally the more colourful the better – as an easy way to identify who is part of the party. This can also ensure that everybody is together when moving onto the next event. These identifying wristbands are also useful for event organisers, allowing them to easily note who is part of the party (and, therefore, a paying guest), and who is not.

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4. Event admission

Music concerts, festivals, sporting contests and any other large-scale organised events all have an improved user – and management – experience following the inclusion of event admission wristbands. Varying colours assist with differentiating day visitors from those with weekend passes as well as indicating individuals for the various pricing brackets. The tamper-proof mechanism ensures no unwelcome gate crashers can gain access by passing entrance tickets from person to person and the durability of the vinyl product keeps it intact for an extended duration, despite weathering.

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5. Restricted access

Particularly important for events where alcohol is served, brightly illuminated VIP wristbands will allow authority figures to immediately identify anyone underage in restricted areas. This is an incredibly useful and important feature for event organisers who want to ensure all attendees are protected while also avoiding hefty fines and possible prosecution. The security wristband will also assist in differentiating those with access to VIP areas.

6. Water and theme parks

Safety of children at water and theme parks is paramount which is why vinyl wristbands are such a fantastic access control tool. Identifying information such as children’s names and parent’s contact numbers can be written on the bands which then denote, using contrasting colours, relevant ages and access passes. The bands cannot be removed and, despite constant submergence in water as well as friction against slides and supertubes, will not degrade. These type of vinyl wristbands are often used on cruise ships and holiday resorts where kids are entertained by a holiday club.

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