Lanyards have a wide range of uses, they are not only a great promotional item with a large branding area, but also serve a use in security access control with ID tag holders attached to them.

With a wide range of different fabrics, sizes and prints your lanyard can be personalised to suit your brand. On all of our customised lanyards any of the standard attachments can be used. Card holders can also be ordered attached.

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Lanyards - flat Polyester

Plain Lanyards

This product is a very popular choice for corporate access control, with ID tag holders attached to them, as well as for promotional uses, corporate gifting and branding. This product has been around for centuries and was originally used for nautical purposes. These days however, Lanyards can be made with just about any design and in any colour.

Lanyards flat screen print

Custom Lanyards

Being able to customise lanyards is becoming increasingly more important as security and access control tightens across companies around the world. Custom lanyards include a variety of options including full-colour print, flat screen print, woven, tubular, reflective, bamboo lanyards and more.

Rigid Card Holders

Lanyard Accessories

Lanyard accessories are the attachments you are able to order together with your lanyard. These include plastic wallets, which are most commonly used to house names and barcodes at exhibitions and conferences, rigid card holders which often house access control tags and laminates which are specially printed cards for a specific event.