Oct 13

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Types of Wristband Security Features

There are many different types of wristbands on the market in South Africa and all over the world, and the technology used to manufacture these is improving all the time in order to make sure that each event is secure and safe and no duplication or fraudulent activity is possible.

In our article, what are access control wristbands, we had a broad look at how wristbands are used to control access into concerts, events and functions. We also looked at wristband security features and how many or how few of these can be added to a wristband depending on how exclusive the event is and what the needs of the client are. Here are some of the most interesting wristband security features:


1. Material used – the material used in wristbands is a security feature in itself. For example Tyvek wristbands are made from the toughest spunbound olefin sheet products. These are stronger than paper yet more cost effective than material. They absorb almost no moisture and are rip-proof. Tyvek material is also used as hospital scrubs, sterile packaging, air cargo covers and building and construction. Vinyl wristbands are furthermore even more durable as the strong plastic material cannot be ripped, torn or snapped. The material used therefore serves as the first security feature.

2. Clasps – How a wristband is attached to the person wearing it is also another very important security feature and ensures that unauthorised entries into events are minimised or better yet, eliminated. Vinyl wristbands attach with a tamper-proof clasp, once this is locked it cannot be opened. Similarly Tyvek wristbands are sealed with an adhesive that cannot be opened once it has been sealed.

3. Design – the design of the wristband is another level of security that can be implemented. The more complex the design and use of colours, the harder it is to duplicate the wristband illegally.

4. RFID – new technology which is catching on rapidly across the world is the use of radio-frequency identification on each wristband. RFID is a chip placed on a tamper proof wristband that sends out a radio frequency. When visitors enter an event they have to pass through a metal frame and place their wrist against a sensor that scans whether the wristband is legitimate or not. What’s more the visitor can load funds onto the wristband and use it to pay for food, drinks and merchandise once inside the venue. Although this is quite an expensive feature it allows for greater security too.

Event security is constantly evolving and the use of technology and paperless as well as cashless systems are becoming more prevalent.
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