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What are Access Control Wristbands?

Wristbands are a common term used for an item placed around the wrist. These can be used for sports, access control, RFID or merely general event wristbands.

This product serves the pure purpose of identifying event ticket holders and allowing them into a venue. For this sole purpose they therefore need to be incredibly durable, easy to identify and be must able to last for the duration of the event.

Types of wristbands
There are many different types of wristbands which we’ll discuss in our article types of wristbands, but basically these include PVC , L-shaped PVC, Tyvek, silicone and slapper bands. These all serve a different type of functionality and vary greatly in cost. For longer events which run over a few days the PVC is a good option as it is the hardest choice, and for shorter events such as an evening concert, Tyvek bands are a good choice as they are cheaper but will last for the duration of the event.wristbands5

The importance of wristbands
Quality access control is incredibly important and the harder the material that is used to make the wristbands is, the better. The cost of poorly manufactured or defective wristbands to an event organiser is huge and could mean the loss of thousands if not millions of Rands if people are able to enter an event illegally. The importance of using a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier to supply these products is also paramount as illegal duplication and leaking of event wristband type could also lead to a huge loss of income for the event organiser.

Types of security features
The main purpose of this product is for security and access control at events. In order to minimise the risk even further, various features can be added to a standard wristband, these include hologram tamper evident non-transferable decals, de-bossed or embossed hologram foils, UV Printing, Patterned micro prints, QR code printing and bar-coded tamper proof labels. These further options have been very successful in eliminating duplication and illegal access control at events around the world.

High-security technology
For maximum security needs, technology for wristbands has advanced dramatically in the last few years and the following have become very popular in the high-security space, these include, Radio Frequency Identity Bands (RFID), Lenticular and photographic wristbands.

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