Aug 17

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Branded Lanyards for Sale

The Applications for Branded Lanyards for Sale Locally are Numerous

The wide selection of branded lanyards for sale in South Africa today is providing marketers with a unique opportunity to leverage one of the country’s most widespread needs and to apply it in conducting their promotional campaigns. For many years, items of clothing such as baseball caps and T-shirts have been used by companies to display their logos and payoff lines as a means to create consumer awareness and, in a some cases, they have even managed to get the wearers to pay for such items.

Tighter marketing budgets in the wake of a lengthy financial recession has seen many companies rethink their strategy regarding promotional gifts and turning from these relatively high-cost purchases to items like branded lanyards for sale at prices that are considerably more affordable. Whether simple economics may have spurred the increased interest in these promotional items or not, these inexpensive yet functional wearables are proving to be a highly cost-effective alternative to many of the costlier options that were relied upon in the past.

So what exactly is that nationwide need that these items have been able to exploit so effectively?  The answer is security. While their surfaces may serve to carry the donor’s marketing message, it is their function that makes them so attractive to the recipients. Ensuring the security of important everyday items, such as mobile phones or house keys, is the very task for which the branded lanyards for sale, especially in South Africa with our burgeoning crime rate, were designed. With or without the donor’s marque they are effective, and when offered as a gift by a leading manufacturer, retailer or service provider, will invariably be welcome.

Of course, a supplier of sporting goods may still choose to reward a few of his or her VIP clients with more expensive clothing items. However, these simple yet useful accessories are a far more viable option when the aim is to canvass new clients. They also offer a means to extend exposure into the working environment where, today, many of those branded lanyards for sale can prove invaluable as a means to tether items such as security key cards, LED flashlights or other small workplace tools.

In a similar vein, a specialised modification of the basic neck band is intended to anchor a pair of spectacles and to protect them from loss and accidental damage. This simple device will not only provide the patient with a useful accessory, but will also benefit the prescribing optometrist by providing a very affordable means with which to gain some additional exposure for the company’s brand wherever his or her patients may roam.

Beyond both home and workplace, these branded lanyards for sale in South Africa by organisations, like us at IDCBand, continue to prove useful. Campers will be grateful for the means to secure a knife or a compass with no need to remember where it was placed for safety. They can also be a safe way to tether a bottle of wine in a fast flowing river to cool it quickly when no fridge is available.

The only limit to the applications for these simple yet versatile devices is the user’s imagination. Isn’t it time that you checked out the branded lanyards for sale from us at IDCBand?