Aug 17

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Promotional Lanyards for Sale

As a Promotional Tool, Lanyards Offer a Number of Benefits

Possibly the greatest benefit of promotional lanyards is that they offer marketers an effective but affordable medium. Their simple design and the inexpensive raw materials used in their manufacture combine to keep costs down and results in an inexpensive platform from which to conduct brand awareness and other marketing campaigns.

Gifts of one kind or another have been widely used for many as a means to promote products and services, and perhaps the earliest example of this was a commemorative button given to supporters of George Washington’s election campaign in 1789. Later, branded carrier bags were donated to various suppliers who, in return, used them to advertise the donor’s business. Since those early days, promotional lanyards are just one of the many hundreds of different items that have joined the growing list of gifts employed by retailers and service providers in order to draw attention to their businesses today. To cope with this growing demand, a brand new, worldwide industry has emerged

Washington’s buttons were, of course, of little value beyond that of enabling the wearer to demonstrate his or her solidarity with the first US President. In practice, many of the gifts offered today, although they have other attributes, often lack a more practical function or have a limited lifespan. Experience has shown that functional gifts with a longer lifespan, such as promotional lanyards, can prove to be a far more effective choice than perhaps a ballpoint pen, which is certain to be discarded the moment its ink is finally exhausted.

By contrast, these far simpler and cheaper devices are likely to be worn by an individual for many years. They provide the wearer with a means to tether items such as ID cards, security tags, keys and cellphones, keeping them both secure and convenient for use. As such, they represent an exceptionally cost-effective choice of medium for the promoter, and one that offers a variety of ways in which to present his or her message.

In their most basic form, these promotional lanyards may consist of a cord with an attached fastening that is compatible with the item to be secured. Even in this simplest of examples, they may be woven with text to identify the donor company and can then create a continuing awareness of that identity by wearers and by all those with whom they come into contact.

Alternatively, a ribbon-like design provides a much larger printable surface and opens up new possibilities for the advertiser. For example, rather than just simple text and a logo which can, nevertheless, be highly effective, they provide options such as a series of full colour images to showcase a company’s flagship product.

Promotional lanyards are, clearly, as important to various aspects of a company’s or an individual’s security as they are to the donor’s marketing campaign, and this convergence of purpose is the principle source of their effectiveness. The materials such as woven polyester fibres used in their manufacture provide a guarantee of durability and longevity, and ensure an accessory that is ideal for use in security applications, while being sufficiently affordable and providing a cost-effective marketing tool in parallel.

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