Jul 21

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Lanyard Prices from IDCBand

Lanyard Prices and High Visibility Make Them a Cost-effective Choice

Whether for security or promotional use, affordable lanyard prices continue to make them a good choice in a wide range of situations. Coupled with the fact that their bright colours and designs mean that they are highly visible to third parties, they can prove to be a really cost-effective option in either type of application.

Lanyard prices, although very reasonable in all cases, do vary according to the materials from which they have been manufactured and their design. Both composition and appearance, of course, are then chosen in order to best meet their proposed purpose. In practice, the move to a more eye-catching product parallels the transition of the military equivalent from its functional role to a more benign one as an item of dress uniform.

Diversity is a buzzword with numerous connotations, from racial demographics to lifestyle choices. In product design, it is vital in order to satisfy the needs and the preferences of the consumer. This principle is well illustrated by the diverse styles that accompany the affordable lanyard prices available from us at IDCBand. Our range currently consists of 12 products, including specialised designs like badge reels with an attached pen and straps with which to secure a pair of spectacles.

The material and width of the product determine the extent to which any optional print may or may not be added. However, most of our ranges, for which colour is the main feature, are available with woven, dye-sublimated, screen or full-colour print. Which of these may be available is determined by the composition of the selected product.

If, in addition to an appreciation of our low lanyard prices, you happen to share our concerns over the threat to our environment, then it is also likely that you will appreciate our move to provide consumers with some eco-friendly choices. Made from either sustainable bamboo or recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PTE), the result is tough colourful products that, should they no longer be required are, respectively, either biodegradable or recyclable.

So how can one make use of these various devices, given that highly affordable lanyard prices make them an attractive option?  For a start, they make excellent promotional gifts. Existing or prospective clients tend to appreciate practical gifts rather more than mere ornaments and, in exchange, they are happy to make use of them. What better medium then, than a tether to hold a mobile phone or security tag that will be worn daily and, invariably, in full view of other prospects, as a cost-effective means with which to promote your company’s brand?

Our full-colour, dye-sublimated lanyards are available in various widths, with a choice of swivel hooks, lobster hooks, buckles and other means of attachment, and provide an opportunity for extensive use of both promotional text and artwork. At IDCBand, we guarantee quality, as well as South Africa’s most competitive lanyard prices. Contact us at your earliest convenience, in order to benefit from our affordable prices, as well as our durable lanyards.