Jul 21

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Tyvek Wristbands for Sale

Tyvek Wristbands for Sale Deliver Tougher and More Affordable Security

The caption “Tyvek wristbands for sale” is most unlikely to capture the attention of many among the general public. However, to those for whom some means of secure access control is an essential, it should definitely be seen as one that warrants a closer look. While South Africa may not have featured among the early adopters of these simple, yet highly effective security bands, today, these products are certainly experiencing a growing demand from local purchasers, and much of that demand is coming from those who are involved in the nation’s already large and still expanding events industry.

Among those who have recently attended a concert, many will have been surprised to find Tyvek wristbands for sale, rather than the more familiar admission tickets that were previously the norm in most countries from the mid-1800s, and which appear to have originated in the theatres of Ancient Greece and Rome many centuries earlier. The incidence of financial loss caused by counterfeit ticket sales and illegal transfers between paid attendees and friends has grown steadily, and the need for a more secure means with which to control access to events along with it.  A tamper-proof security wristband which is worn rather than carried by the purchaser provides an item that is both difficult to counterfeit and impossible to exchange undetected.

The extensive range of Tyvek wristbands for sale today provides event organisers and other interested parties with more than enough ways in which to ensure a product that is both effective and unique. With a choice of either single base colours or striped patterns in a variety of colour combinations, and a little care taken to ensure that the design is not leaked before opening day should be quite enough to frustrate the forgers. With the aid of additional security features, such as printed serial numbers, their illegal efforts may be even further confounded.

Tyvek wristbands for sale are made from flash-spun polyethylene fibres that are tough enough to resist the efforts of even the strongest man to tear them, so that they can only be removed by cutting them. This, of course, makes them the perfect choice for an event that is to be run over two to three days or more, as the bands may then serve both for temporary pass-out and re-admission purposes, where the entry fee covers the entire event. Where it does not, the use of different base colours will serve as the means to link its validity to the relevant day.

Tyvek wristbands for sale today may actually serve a dual role. Over and above their secure access control function, their colourful surfaces provide a medium for a spot of promotional activity as well. It offers a means, for instance, to promote the organisers logo, a forthcoming event or perhaps to recognise the valued contribution made by a major sponsor.

Whatever use the purchaser may decide upon, it is certain that the product offers a durable and affordable solution for both security and promotional purposes. At IDCBand, we will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a solution with our top-quality Tyvek wristbands for sale.