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Best slogans for wristbands

Short. Sharp. Memorable. Slogans are incredibly important to the overall brand, getting the company’s message across swiftly and succinctly. It takes a lot of hard work – and often a lot of money – just to get the perfect words, or even words that perfectly encapsulates an organisation’s essence. Then on top of this you will need to think about where this slogan will sit from as small a space as on an event wristband to a large canvas such as a billboard.

Wristband Slogans

One of the best ways to get this well-constructed, expensive message to the broader population is by placing it on a promotional wristband. Trendy, colourful and fun to wear, wristbands are proving to be an impactful marketing tool enhanced only by a great slogan.

Slogan-writing tips

• Focus on the benefits, not the features.
• Awaken feelings for the brand.
• Differentiate the brand.
• Keep it simple.

If you’re brainstorming the ultimate marketing slogan, and especially one that needs to be placed on a wristband and other marketing collateral, here are a few of the best to give you some inspiration.

1. Just Do It

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic slogan’s in marketing history. Nike’s tagline – more than three decades old – was actually inspired by the last words of convicted murderer, Gary Gilmore, as he faced the firing squad: ‘Let’s do this’. This impactful tagline emboldened those who might shy away from the world of athletics apparel, encouraging them to face their fears and ‘just do it’. It’s also just the right size to place on athletic event wristbands that may be sponsored by the brand.


2. Because You’re Worth It

Originating in the 1970s as ‘Because I’m Worth It’, French beauty brand, L’Oréal, hit the nail on the head with this captivating slogan that asked women to embrace their worth. This was particularly ground-breaking as it came during a time when women were generally considered second-class citizens and often not allowed to spend money on extravagant items. The tagline has since evolved to ‘Because You’re Worth It’ and now, ‘Because We’re Worth It’ as the brand has grown.

Loreal slogan

3. Nothing tastes like Fresca

Arguably accompanied by a very catchy advertising campaign, anyone who grew up in the 1990s in South Africa will immediately recall the fizzing sound of a can of Fresca opening as Hakkem Kai-Kazim smiled at the camera. The American brand came into South Africa with a bang, but seemed to leave with somewhat of a fizzle – more for the lack of interest in the taste than its very catchy slogan.

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Fresca slogan

4. Finger Lickin’ Good

This well-known KFC slogan had a good run for about 50 years before it was dropped by the brand, replaced with simply ‘So Good’. The move was to bring the tagline more in line with its latest healthier image – replacing fryers with griddles, healthier oils – but the old slogan still resonates with audiences today. ‘So good’ is short and sharp and perfect for placing on wristbands for the many events that KFC sponsors and hosts worldwide.

KFC SLogan

5. Diamonds Are Forever

It’s true that because of their unique qualities, diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones and therefore the longest lasting. Add this to the fact that their re-sale value is probably half what was originally worth and diamonds are a difficult market to crack. That is, until the advertising agency, NW Ayer and its copywriter, Frances Gerety, entered the scene. In 1938, they met with Harry Oppenheimer – son of the founder of De Beers Consolidated Mines, Ltd – and came up with an ingenious marketing campaign that associated diamonds with love, strength, devotion, wealth and power. Essentially, the engagement ring. It was so impactful, that in just three short years, diamond sales – once declining – were up 50%. Nobody wants to re-sell something as precious as a diamond (which also played in De Beers’ favour as it would really disrupt the diamond market) because ‘A Diamond is Forever’.

de beers slogan

In 1999, this was named Advertising Age’s best slogan of the century. Now wouldn’t a diamond-encrusted wristband be a lovely idea!

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