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Best Wristbands for Leisure and Attractions

For promotions, event access, age and price categorisation, or simply as an awesome gift, wristbands are the ultimate choice. But there are so many varieties of wristband to choose from, it’s important to pick the perfect material and design – the wristband must match the event.

Leisure activity wristbands

1. Concerts

Rock, electro, jazz or reggae…whatever your musical flavour, wristbands are a great form of access control, event promotion and memorabilia. Proving increasingly popular with concert-goers are the fabric wristbands which exude a really vintage concert feel while also providing enhanced access security. If this proves too costly an option, then another great alternative is the vinyl wristband which is available in a range of colour and design options, including the custom koolband and glitterband variety. Otherwise there is the tried-and-tested Tyvek wristband. This well-known wristband type is well-known for a reason – it’s reliable, durable, economical and readily available.

2. Water and Amusement Parks

When it comes to amusement or water parks, with the continuous activity, aquatic conditions and enthusiastic youngsters, then Vinyl is a really good access control option. The great thing about wristbands for theme parks is that the various colour codes allow for the easy identification of ages for access areas – this serves to prevent hazardous situations. For a really interesting alternative, consider the eezyrider (multi-tab or tear-off) wristband. These are made from three layers of vinyl for enhanced durability, and they have removable tabs making them the perfect option for an event with allocated rides, meals or drinks. They’re easy to use and make auditing numbers at the end of the day much easier.

3. Walking Tours

Groups of foreign-language speaking tourists in an unknown area and no sense of direction? This calls for some demarcating wristbands! As this is merely a way to indicate who is with which group for a two-hour period or so, then Tyvek wristbands are generally the best bet. If this is an extended tour and you’re looking to create a lasting memory, then fabric or silicone wristbands are also a lovely option.

4. Fundraising Events

These events call for more than just access control, but rather something you want attendees to remember and pass on to others. Silicone wristbands, displaying a signature colour, logo or design, have proved incredibly popular. But why not take it one step further? The USB Silicone Wristband is both trendy and functional, empowering the attendee with vital information and images necessary to create awareness and contribute towards a cause – all available on the handy USB wristband.

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5. Children’s Play Areas

There are many outdoor and indoor play areas that require payment and identification methods which make wristbands such a great option. The child’s name and parent’s cellphone number can be written directly onto a Tyvek or vinyl wristband – although Tyvek is probably a more economical option, considering they will only be used for a short period of time.

6. Arcades

Flashing lights, loud noises and constant movement from one game to the next – this calls for the eezyrider wristband. Parents need only pay for the wristband (or wristbands) once-off and the child knows exactly how many rides or games are left by checking out the number of tabs available. Luminous Tyvek wristbands also work for once-off admittance as they fit in with the ambience of the place.

7. Bar and Nightclub

Once again, luminous Tyvek – or even glow-in-the-dark options – will work well for bar or nightclub admittance where age-restrictions need to be implemented but visibility is an issue. Lenticular wristbands, which create a 3D effect when rotated – are also a fun alternative.

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8. Kids’ Parties

For children’s parties that are held at an ‘away’ location, wristbands provide easy identification to prevent any oversights and run-aways! You could go with the regular Tyvek or vinyl options here, but why not combine the identification element with a party favour? Slapperbands – that wrap around the wrist when hit, impact bands – silicone bands with a stud clasp, or just regular silicone bands are a fun party gift for each child.

9. Sporting Events

Any sporting event calls for sweatbands worn around the wrist. These functional items also offer a great promotional opportunity for event organisers and sponsors. For admittance to the event, then Tyvek or vinyl are durable, comfortable and easy to use.

10. Exhibitions

Think along the lines of Comic Con (coming to South Africa for the first time this year!)… here you have a group of people known for enjoying collectibles and needing admittance to the event. Silicone, lenticular or impact bands will work so well with this crowd and specialised wristbands such as USB – featuring clips of upcoming shows and cool character images and insights – are a definite win.

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