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Best Wristbands for Charities and Fundraising

One of the biggest challenges for any charitable initiative is getting their brand imprinted in the memories of anyone who comes into contact with the organisation. Too often, that meaningful cause is swept away by the flood of incoming start-ups seeking assistance, each seemingly more effective than the last.

Charities and Fundraising Wristbands

One of the best ways to keep a charity or fundraiser at the forefront of donors’ minds is through branding. And wristbands are a really dynamic marketing tool that keep the message relevant through repeated visual impact. Here are some of the best wristbands for charity initiatives and fundraising drives.

1. Fabric wristbands

The classy fabric wristbands are perfect for a fundraiser initiative, such as a concert, gala or outdoor event, as they allow for some creative space while also providing much-needed access control. Once locked, they cannot be removed without being cut, which means no tickets for entrance. The material reflects a range of trendy designs and the overall feel of this is a classic, vintage-style wristband – perfect for getting the message out.

2. Vinyl wristbands

Available in a range of colours and styles, the vinyl wristband is also an access-control design that prevents unauthorised entry into a fundraising event. However, it’s worth looking at something like the custom koolband or glitterband options that make these wristbands much more appealing – particularly with the younger crowd. The durable nature of these wristbands makes them the perfect choice for longer-running events where camping, water or any of the other elements are involved.

3. Eezyrider wristbands

Referred to as either the eezyrider, multi-tab or tear-off wristband, this innovative design allows the user to remove tabs as and when needed, making them suited to all-inclusive events where drinks and food are allocated. Because they’re made from vinyl, they’re also incredibly durable and great for outdoor fundraising activities.

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4. Tyvek wristbands

For a sports’ related fundraiser or charity event where teams need to be differentiated, then the basic Tyvek wristband is probably the best choice. It can be printed in a range of bold colours and doesn’t fall off once sealed. The major benefit of this wristband is that it saves on costs that can then further the fundraising effort.

5. Silicone wristbands

Probably one of the most popular type of charity wristband is the solid silicone band. Rather than an access control option, the silicone band acts as a marketing tool which can be branded with the charity’s colours, logo and message. They raise funds through the purchase of the band and continue to spread the charity’s message when they are re-worn.

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6. USB wristband

Taking it one step further is the USB wristband, also created from silicone. This hardwearing product has all the benefits of the silicone wristband, with the added function of disseminating company images and press releases stored on the band. There is an increased chance of the USB wristband being re-worn because, once the charity information has been accessed, the USB can be re-used for other storage needs.

The varying materials, styles, colours and designs of modern wristbands means that there is a perfect fit for every charity. An economically viable option, wristbands are practical – access control or storage – while also disseminating a vital message to a large audience.

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