Jun 22

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Best Wristbands for Exhibitions and Conferences

When a group of people from different organisations converge at exhibitions or conferences, it can be quite difficult for event organisers to monitor who is part of which group and who needs access to where. The easiest option is the visible event wristband which comes in a range of styles, material and design. Here is an outline of the best exhibition or conference wristbands to consider.

Exhibition wristbands

Conference & exhibition wristbands

Tyvek wristbands

Certainly, the most cost-effective wristband option, Tyvek wristbands are a durable event access solution that come in a range of colours. They are easily secured and tear-resistant which makes them ideal for access control. The colours can be used to differentiate the ticket prices levels, trade vs consumer access and VIP designations.

Vinyl wristbands

For longer conferences or exhibitions, then the vinyl wristband is your best option. Durable, weather-resistant and tamper-proof, it provides organisers with complete access control from the time the wristband is secured. As with the Tyvek wristband, bold colours and fonts can be used to differentiate user categories while also providing the organisers with a visible marketing tool.

Vinyl tab wristbands

The wristbands have removable tabs which can be used in lieu of money. They are extremely useful for food and beverages as they remove the need for cash payments. Each tab can have unique monetary amounts, words denoting what the tab is for, or even images.

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Fabric wristbands

If you’re looking to host a fairly high-end exhibition or conference and would like this level of sophistication to seep through every detail of the event, then the fabric wristband would be the preferred option. It is durable, tamper-proof and comes across as a classic, vintage style because of the material used.

USB Silicone

Although these are not necessarily access control wristbands, they are incredibly useful at both exhibitions and conferences. They can store and disseminate information directly related to the exhibitors or conference speakers which is vital both during and following the event. This also provides organisers with another marketing tool as the USB silicone wristbands are likely to be reused.

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A combination of wristbands

There is no rule stating one wristband type must be used for each conference or exhibition, so why not try a combination of wristband types to suit the varying needs. Consider personalised silicone or fabric wristbands for event speakers or exhibitors. Vinyl would also work well here as these members will be most likely attending the event on multiple days and will need to re-enter the venue a number of times. For regular visitors, Tyvek could be considered a more cost-effective option.

Whatever your wristband preference, it’s important to locate the right wristband supplier for your specific needs. Get expert insight into the best wristband option and also consider the necessary timeframes before ordering. You don’t want to be left in the lurch when the event starts.

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