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Best Wristbands for Music Concerts

When it comes to access control for music concerts, you are going to have a tough time. There are many people who will attempt to get in without necessarily having paid entrance. You’re also going to have many devoted fans looking to retain any sort of memorabilia from the concert. This is why access control wristbands are the perfect option – they’re secure, and they’re trendy. Here are some of the best wristband options to consider.

Music concert wristbands

1. Photographic Wristbands

These customised Tyvek wristbands can be printed with any range of graphics, tailored specifically for the music concert. To prevent the transfer of these unique wristbands, they can be created with a tamper-proof clasp, allowing for an additional anti-counterfeit measure.

2. Hologram Wristbands

As an additional security feature, and to add a bit of pizzazz, you can go for the hologram Tyvek wristband. These extremely durable wristbands can be printed in most colours, are non-transferable and easy to fasten. The bold colours can also assist security in identifying those with access to various zones, such as VIP or drinking areas.

music concert wristband

3. Fabric Wristbands

The comfortable, breathable fabric wristbands – which are also non-transferable – are a popular event access option for music concerts. They can be printed in a range of colours and styles with the additional security feature – security printed threads – also available.

4. Numerical Wristbands

Tyvek wristbands, which are generally considered the most cost-effective wristband option, can be printed in a variety of colours with logos and inscriptions. Vinyl, which is somewhat more durable, is usually the better option for longer music concerts – extending over a weekend or more. Alongside the tamper-proof clasp and unique insignia, Tyvek and vinyl (and even fabric) wristbands can be printed with customised numbering, offering another security feature for event organisers.

5. Barcode Wristbands

If you’re looking for even more security, consider the barcoded wristbands which are available in Tyvek, vinyl and fabric. You can choose from the basic barcode, or even select a QR code, making for faster venue access and enhanced security.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, wristbands can include underside printing and variable data printing to prevent any unwanted access to the music concert. However, before deciding on a wristband, consult with a reliable supplier as there might be certain customisable options and cost-saving measures that you hadn’t previously considered.

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