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Best Arena and Venue Wristbands

As a form of event access control, venue wristbands are making their mark as an effective, affordable and appealing option. The animated designs, vast range of styles and user-friendly nature of venue wristbands means that there is the perfect wristband for every event and venue. Here’s a basic guideline as to which venue wristbands are suited to which arenas.

Venue wristbands

1. Garden setting

When it comes to relaxed, outdoor events such as a ‘concert at the lakes’, then you will need something basic, durable and non-transferrable. If it’s a really casual gathering, then a Tyvek venue wristband will be the best choice for access options. They are generally the most cost-effective solution, are easy to use and tear-resistant. For something a bit more formal, then a fabric venue wristband will work well. With the same benefits of the Tyvek, the fabric wristband has a classier look.

2. Outdoor festival

The three-day long festivals call for something durable yet timeless. The fabric venue wristband is a popular option here as many festival-goers like to keep the wristband as a keepsake following the event. However, they won’t remain as dry as the vinyl wristband option which is incredibly resistant and comes in a variety of bold colours – perfect for crowd control and security access control. For something really high-end, event organisers are selecting the radio frequency identification – or RFID – wristbands. These can store a wealth of data such as identification credentials, purchasing credits, vouchers, and even social media integration. The RFID system are now replacing keycards for access control.

music concert wristband

3. Concert arena

With concerts often held at night, visibility is a contributing factor when considering access control. The vinyl venue wristband in neon colours is a popular option for these events with different colours denoting various areas of access. The glitter or holographic wristbands which reflect the lights are also a fantastic choice. Some concerts are also opting for RFID which can light up in time to the music for a really great visual effect. They also mean there is no need for cash and cards.

4. Conference

For one-day conferences, the Tyvek venue wristband works well – it’s cost-effective, easy to use and provides great visible access control. For conferences that are held over a number of days, then it’s well worth considering vinyl or fabric wristbands. If access control is not a factor, then silicone wristbands are a really great choice as they will be reused after the event – a great marketing ploy – and you can even opt for the USB design. This will allow for the storage of all conference-related information, convenient for organisers and delegates.

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5. Sporting event

Hard-wearing wristbands such as Tyvek or vinyl are generally the preferred option for sporting events of all kinds. However, silicone venue wristbands are increasingly popular because of the comfort of the material and brand opportunities they provide.

sporting event wristbands

6. Waterpark or carnival

Once again, durability is a contributing factor here but so is visibility. Little children running around, jumping in water or eating sticky foods will need a wristband that can last for hours – so Tyvek or vinyl. The vinyl tab wristband is a particularly fun and useful option, as it has little, removable tabs indicating food, drink or ride options. The vendor or security will simply remove the pre-paid tab to indicate its use.

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7. Sightseeing tours

For a one-to-two-hour tour, then a tyvek venue wristband is the preferred choice. This allows for easy visibility of any motley group and venues will immediately know which areas they can access. For a longer sightseeing tour, then the silicone wristband is a great choice, or even an RFID if it’s feasible as this will ensure nobody gets lost!

Discuss your wristband options and preferences with a reliable supplier to make sure your budget and various requirements are met by the wristband of choice. Also consider elements such as printing time and quantity.

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