Jan 22

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Access Control Trends for 2019

This year holds lots of exciting developments in the world of events and access control, particularly as technological developments advance. Planners and venues are open to many new ways to elevate security measures while learning more about event goers and what they enjoy. Here are some interesting access control trends for 2019.

Access Control Trends

1. Event cybersecurity

Event planners have access to a vast amount of personal information, particularly as RFID wristband use increases. While this means huge leaps in event management and consumer satisfaction, it also means events are becoming bigger targets for malicious online activity. Event planners will now be working closer with data security specialists to prevent any data breaches that compromise personal information.

2. Real-time event monitoring

Cybersecurity specialists will work hand-in-hand with event security personnel throughout events to monitor data handling. This will make for more secure event access control whereby any data breaches– or unauthorised access – will be quickly identified and dealt with instantly.

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3. Sustainability

Rather than being an afterthought, sustainability is becoming the driving force when making decisions for events – and that includes event access options. Reusable wristbands such as RFID and lanyards are preferred options, alternatively recyclabled materials are becoming a preferred option in the production of the access control products.

4. Facial recognition

The advances in facial recognition technology are seeing it used as a viable smartphone security option and it will be making its way into event access control as well. This makes for more secure event access but can also be taken a step further when used in conjunction with AI. Facial expressions during different event sessions can be used to determine the mood of the audience during this time. This helps planners determine what works and doesn’t for future events.

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5. RFID for data

By using RFID wristbands, event planners will be able to determine the digital and physical footprint of eventgoers. This will allow event planners and stakeholders to determine which presentations and activities people attended, as well as the duration of attendance. RFID room keys, for example, will let organisers know what amenities were used and assist organisers in personalising future experiences.

At the heart of it, access control hinges on effective security measures so you need to assess the physical security – non-transferrable, data storage capabilities, weather-resistant – as well as the online security benefits. There are so many access control options ranging in cost and use, just ensure you are working with a reputable supplier.

More event organisers are turning to wristbands as the best access control mechanism, as they are reliable, safe and cheap.

Wristbands are available in a variety of unique styles and materials – Tyvek, vinyl, fabric, silicone, tabs, lenticular, RFID – all of which can be printed in a range of colours and fonts. To ensure your wristband perfectly matches your event requirements, seek advice from reliable suppliers with extensive market experience.

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