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Best Business Event Wristbands

If you’re planning an internal or external business event, you’re going to need to consider a business event wristband for access control and promotions. The reason wristbands keep emerging on your radar is because they are a great and effective solution for all business event needs. Here are some of the best business event wristband options available:

Business event wristbands

Tyvek or paper wristbands
For a one-day conference, the cost-efficient Tyvek (or paper) wristband works well for access control because of the tamper-proof seal. Available in a range of bright colours, you can easily distinguish between delegates attending the different talks or events.

Vinyl wristbands
If you’re planning a weekend or overnight conference, then it would be wise to choose the vinyl wristband option. Along with the tamper-proof clasp, the vinyl wristband is durable which means it will last throughout the event. This is also an ideal wristband option for outdoor teambuilding activities – they withstand weathering and constant wear.

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Silicone wristbands
Another great option for teambuilding is the removable silicone wristband. It’s a comfortable, trendy wristband option which can be printed in a range of colours; debossed, embossed or printed with a company logo and image. This also makes it the ideal wristband for corporate marketing, product launches or CSI charity initiatives.

Teambuilding is made much more exciting with sweatbands for the wrist! This vintage-style wristband is functional for those active, outdoor escapades and will, most likely, be reused after the event. This makes it a great marketing tool as well. Another brilliant use for the sweatband is for charity or fun runs.

Fabric wristbands
Year-end functions, conferences and corporate retreats call for the classic fabric wristband. These can include a company logo and slogan in the relevant company colours, are great access solutions and add a level of sophistication to the wristband option.

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Slapperband wristbands
If you’re looking to market an organisation to a younger target audience then you can’t go wrong with the slapperband wristband. Generating brand awareness, the straightened wristband is slapped onto the wrist to secure it. This fun, tactile wristband will be reused long after any promotional event.

Impact bands
Another wristband suited to the millennials and younger, the impact band is a silicone wristband with a clip-on button. In addition to product launches and promotions, these can be disseminated at school and university Open Days, as well as for family-friendly year-end functions.

USB silicone wristbands
Take it up a step with the USB silicone wristband. The USB forms the clasp for this clever design which will, undoubtedly, be re-worn long after the event. Suited to marketing events, promotional days and product launches, the company logo and details can be printed on the wristband, with further reading material and images saved on the USB itself.

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Custom tradbands or koolbands
Non-transferrable tradbands have a tamper-proof clip, making them a great choice for an access-controlled event such as conferences or CSI fun days. A similar, but possibly funkier option, is the koolband wristband. Also made with a tamper-proof clasp, the wavy edge makes this a bit more fashionable for those image-conscious audiences.

There is a wristband colour, material and style that will suit any internal business or corporate event, but it is well worth discussing the options available with a reliable supplier. Make sure you get in there early to place any big orders, and ensure the message is in line with the company ethos.

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