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Wristband Supplier Durban

If you are new to the world of wristbands, then you will be quite overwhelmed by the variety of wristband options available. Before you can settle on a supplier for your Durban event, here are a few questions you might want to put to your potential wristband supplier in Durban.

Wristbands Durban

1. What materials do you use?

When it comes to manufacturing wristbands, there are an endless array of styles and material types suited to various events. You could go for the silicone wristband option if you’re searching for a fun giveaway item or charitable initiative. With Durban renowned for its warm weather and year-long sports’ events, the silicone wristband has proved incredibly popular. However, if you need a wristband with security features such as a tamperproof clasp and regulated barcoding, then you should consider the economical Tyvek wristband, durable vinyl wristband or the fun and funky fabric solution. It’s worth consulting with your Durban-based wristband supplier for the most suitable option.

2. What is the cost?

Fortunately, the different wristband types – silicone, vinyl, Tyvek and fabric – all range in price, giving you some budgetary freedom and choice. Tyvek is the most economical of the wristband optiosn, and is ideal for one-day events. However, if your event runs for a few days, then you would need to look at the more durable vinyl or fabric options. Check in with your Durban supplier about any large order or early bird discounts they might be offering.

3. What is your turnaround time?

Durban hosts a number of local and international events which means wristband demand is generally quite high. Don’t risk missing the deadline – get your wristband orders made as early as possible. Every wristband supplier will offer a different turnaround time depending on their job load and the number of wristbands required. You will, undoubtedly, want to check out a sample first which means you will need to give the supplier some time. It’s also worth finding out where the supplier is based because a Durban-based supplier might need more time if the delivery will be in Joburg or Cape Town.

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4. What experience do you have?

If you’re organising a fairly low-key event and are possibly restricted in budget, then you might want to give novice wristband supplier a chance – every company deserves a first shot and they might be more negotiable on price. However, if you are organising a really large-scale event then it’s definitely worth asking your Durban supplier about their previous experience and possibly checking out some reviews online. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you the wristbands are delayed or completely unusable because of supplier inexperience.

5. What security features are available?

In Durban – as in every other city – you are going to have gate-crashing attempts and security risks which means your wristband supplier needs to optimise on its security features. For a really high-end event, there are some incredible security features that prevent counterfeiting such as barcoded tamper-proof labels, UV printing, micro printing and hologram foils. Tyvek, vinyl and fabric wristbands are your option for security features. If you’re ordering from a Durban supplier and are base in another province, you might want to spring for the numbered wristbands to keep track of the stock.  

6. What quantities are available?

Because of the time and printing costs, some Durban wristband suppliers might have a minimum order limit, but this won’t be the case with all suppliers so you might need to shop around. For a very large order – such as a few thousand wristbands – you will need to order in advance as the size of the order will impact completion time.

7. Can I customise the wristbands?

One of the biggest benefits of the wristbands is that you can customise a design, colour and logo which will set your Durban brand apart. This is fantastic for silicone wristband giveaways – which are also available as USB wristbands – or for fabric, vinyl and Tyvek if you’re organising a sponsored event. You can request a paid-for sample of the wristband to ensure the colour and logo comes out as envisioned. You might also want to check with your Durban supplier as to whether they put their own logos on the wristbands for spacing allocation.   

8. What are the dimensions and colours on offer?

When it comes to company branding, specific colour requirements are important so it’s worth checking that the Durban supplier has the correct shade and not a reasonable facsimile. Always take the time of day into consideration as well – for a Durban day event, you won’t need something too luminous, but for evenings you might want to consider neon colours. Wristbands lengths are generally standard and offer a range of clip placings for size adjustment, although wristband width can differ.

The more information you give your Durban-based wristband supplier, the better your chance of finding the ideal wristband for your event. The event length, location, time and clientele will all determine whether silicone, Tyvek, vinyl or fabric is the ideal choice for you.

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