Aug 22

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Wristband Suppliers in Cape Town

Event wristbands are extremely functional for event access, crowd monitoring, cashless payments and tracking, but this all hinges on the wristband supplier. If you are planning a Cape Town-based event, or are looking for quality promotional or corporate gifting wristbands, then here are some thoughts to consider.

Cape Town Wristband Suppliers


Some Cape Town wristband suppliers have many years’ experience in the events’ industry so they will know exactly which type of wristbands will work and where. A good supplier should find a successful strategy for your organisation, prioritising sustainability and focusing on developing long-term partnerships with customers. When it comes to wristbands, clients should have access to a large range of colours, types and printing options for elevated access control.


A good supplier should work closely with clients to ensure the promotional wristbands are stylised to the recipient’s needs. It is useful when wristband suppliers have multiple admin and sales’ offices such as in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg with warehouses countrywide, as this ensures a quick quote, order and timely delivery. Should you be needing urgent assistance, a wristband supplier should be easily accessible either online or via phone.

Proudly South African

There are a few great proudly South African companies supplying quality wristbands to the Cape Town market. This ensures that we are stimulating our own economy and encouraging new jobs for the unemployed. There are only benefits to using proudly South African wristband suppliers.

All in one

Sometimes it is a lot easier to use a ‘one-stop wristband, corporate gifts and promotional items company’ that create everything from personalised wristbands for daily use to event wristbands for concerts or other major gatherings. If you can get all you need from one supplier that you trust then it really makes sense to find someone that can supply a multitude of items such as sweatbands, silicone bands, satin wristbands, ID wristbands, flashing wristbands and bracelets.

Example of Cape Town wristband supplier:


With a proven track record of supplying high-quality promotional items on time for the Cape Town market, IDC Band SA is a great choice for any wristband needs. Established in 1995, IDC Band SA is now one of the country’s leading supplier of wristbands and associated promotional items, with the ability to fine-tune any order to a client’s specifications. Going beyond the standard event needs, IDC Band SA work closely with the client to grow the brand, remaining at the forefront of the industry by incorporating new access control technology as it emerges.

No matter what your wristbands needs – whether it’s the popular Tyvek or vinyl wristbands for big events; specialised fabric wristbands for concerts; promotional silicone wristbands for sports and charity events; or the more high-tech USB or RFID wristbands – then this Cape Town supplier should be able to assist.

There are a few important questions you should ask before deciding on a wristband supplier in Cape Town. These are:

What is your turnaround time? Time is of the essence when it comes to events so you need to know whether your wristband supplier can deliver before your event.

What quantities are available? If you are looking for large quantities, your wristband supplier needs to be able to deliver in the allocated time. Conversely if you only have a small quantity some wristband suppliers in Cape Town may not be able to help as they have a minimum order value.

Can I brand and personalise the wristbands? If you only have two or three options to choose from you run the risk of security being breached at your event and illegal wristbands being duplicated.

What are the dimensions and colours on offer? Will the wristband match your event? Are the colours and dimensions what you’re looking for? Investigate this before ordering with a wristband supplier in Cape Town.
What materials do you use? Whether it’s Tyvek, Silicone or Fabric, it’s important to understand whether your supplier can accommodate you.

What is the cost? Should all the above requirements be in your favour then cost is probably not the sole factor to consider, however it is very important and you should definitely know what you’re in for before ordering.

What experience do you have? There are some fly-by-night wristband suppliers and these should be avoided. Rather use reputable and tried and trusted wristband suppliers in Cape Town such as the above to avoid disappointment.

It’s important to partner with an experienced wristband supplier in Durban such as IDCBand SA. For fast, reliable and quality event wristbands in Cape Town and South Africa, silicone, access control and more contact IDCBand SA today. IDCBand SA is South Africa’s leading event wristband supplier based in Johannesburg and supplies wristbands and other security and promotional items for just about every event and function all over South Africa.