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Critical elements for any event

Whether it’s a corporate event, sports’ contest or festival, there are many elements that need to be considered in the planning stages. Ultimately you want your event to be a complete success and, considering the amount of time, money and effort put into the organisation, it’s worth getting these critical elements right.


1. Timing

Get out your calendar and research any major events that are happening before settling on a date, or set of dates, for your event. While October might be a great time of year, if it means your event is going to clash with the Rugby World Cup final, then you’re off to a bad start. In addition to the national and international events that could be taking place, you must refine your search to localised events as well.

2. Permits

For large-scale events in particular, you need to make sure you have all the required permits necessary for hosting. These could include certain security measures, permission for traffic and police presence, municipal permits as well as noise controls. Venue operators will generally be able to assist with regards to the necessary permits needed, but make sure you tick all the boxes before doing anything else. You could lose a lot of capital if you get cancelled at a later stage in the planning.

3. Security and cleaning teams

No great event was organised in isolation, so get yourself a really efficient team together and brief them fully on absolutely everything they will need to do to make this a success. The bigger the event you’re planning, the bigger the team you’ll need. And a major part of this team will be the security and cleaning services, as these ensure visitor comfort, safety and wellbeing. Remember you will need cleaning services during and after the event, and it’s important to consider aspects such as refuse removal. For optimum cleaning and security services, there are certain elements to consider:

• Size of the anticipated crowd
• VIP and restricted areas
• Service of alcohol
• Number of entry points
• CCTV capabilities

4. Access control

One of the biggest event concerns is access control. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for events ranging from conferences through to large-scale festivals – the wristband. Wristbands are available in a range of material types, including Tyvek, vinyl and fabric wristbands, all customisable to your particular event type. These non-transferrable wristbands ensure no unauthorised event access, and modern RFID options take it a step further with cashless transactions, personalised user information and tracking features as well.

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5. Plan for emergencies

There is always something that could go wrong – rain, a cancelled act or stampede – and you need to be fully prepared. While you don’t need to plan a completely separate event, you want to have a contingency plan so that you don’t have to cancel the entire event if one aspect goes wrong on the day.

6. Choose the right venue

This is one of the most critical elements of event organisation because so much comes down to the venue itself. Important things to consider are the size of the venue, facilities and various services included in the price of venue hire. Try select a venue with an experienced management team who is willing to offer useful advice and assist you in getting everything right for your event.

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7. Marketing

A critical element of any event is the marketing. This can be done through an endless number of avenues; however, one really effective marketing tool is sending out branded items ahead of the event. This could include silicone wristbands, an on-trend corporate and event marketing device that attracts a lot of attention and gets the intended message distributed widely.

Events require extensive planning, and the risk is always great, but with a really experienced team and reputable service providers, you are already on the right track to making it a success. Just make sure you take all the aforementioned critical elements into account.

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