May 20

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Full Colour Wristbands

Choose Full Colour Promotional or Security Wristbands for Maximum Impact

The use of full colour printing on wristbands results in a product that is almost guaranteed to draw the attention of anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of it. Whether these bracelets are intended for promotional or security purposes their high visibility is invariably a distinct advantage. That is not to say, however, that the monochrome products and those printed in a limited number of colours are in any way less valuable. In practice, they are simply a little more limited in terms of the image they are able to project.

It is widely agreed that a picture can convey a thousand words and if that picture happens to be printed in full colour on wristbands, those words can then be further relayed by thousands of wearers. Imagine, for instance, a campaign designed to promote a children’s movie such as the recent blockbuster; ‘Frozen’. What would be likely to turn more heads and create more hype – a plain band printed with the single-word title or a photorealistic image of the sisters Anna and Elsa laughing with Olaf the snowman? It’s really a no-brainer.

Even at an event, where admission is granted on production of a Tyvek bracelet rather than a paper ticket, this simple security precaution also provides the organiser with the means to promote a brand and, once again, it is certain that full colour wristbands are likely to do so more effectively than the less visual alternatives. If, on the other hand, the sole purpose of the bracelet is to provide stricter access control and no promotional role is required, then a single bright colour with contrasting text is likely to be effective enough.

Most varieties of the tamperproof security bands that have recently become so popular are offered in either a single hue or a combination of two. However, those made from the tough polyethylene fibres know as Tyvek and the so-called ‘Fabricband’ range, both of which are available from IDCBand, offer the greater versatility of a full colour wristband while also displaying the exceptional durability that ensures it can deliver the desired level of security.

Among the IDCBand range of promotional aids, the soft silicone bracelet remains a favourite and is an ideal material to support embossed or debossed print. Despite their popularity, however, they are restricted to the use of between one and seven different colours while our impact bands, though offering a choice of more than a hundred base colours, are strictly duo-tone products. Strictly a more specialised item, the USB silicone product offers a choice of just eight base shades but may combine up to four of them.

For those needing full colour promotional wristbands, we offer the choice of two products. Our Slapperbands offer a number of advantages. As well as their sprung structure, which makes them easy to attach to the wrist and needs no fastener, they are available in a high visibility, reflective material making them ideal for night use. The innovative lenticular range adds a new dimension with images that change as the bracelet is moved and the option of 3D animation.

Event managers and promoters, who seek the assurance of quality and the advantage of affordability, choose IDCBand – South Africa’s preferred supplier of full colour wristbands.