Mar 25

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Why you need to consider VIP wristbands for events

When it comes to hosting events, whether it’s a weekend festival, large-scale concert or a product launch, having an exclusive VIP option makes attendees feel much more special – and much more likely to attend.

VIP Wristbands for Events

Tiered ticket prices are also a great way to cater to a range of budgets, rather than setting too high a price and eliminating a large portion of your market. Plus, the VIP element is an incredibly attractive option with an easily identifiable marker – the VIP wristband.

wristbands for securityVIP wristband options

There are so many security VIP wristbands available made from a variety of materials, it really just depends on budget, event type and style required. Here is a look at the popular VIP wristband options.

1. Tyvek Wristbands

Also known as ‘paper’ wristbands, this option allows you to easily identify VIP members through bright colour coding and inscriptions, while the tamper-proof seal makes them non-transferrable. These are a cost-effective option for bulk buy.

barcode wristband2. Vinyl Wristbands

For longer events requiring a more durable VIP wristband, then vinyl wristbands(or plastic as it’s also known) is a perfect choice. These are also non-transferrable and can come in the form of tab wristbands for VIP vouchers.

3. Fabric Wristbands

Fabric wristband are another option for longer or outdoors events, these VIP wristbands have a locking clasp and security printed threads to monitor access.

4. RFID Wristbands

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) VIP wristbands come with a built-in chip storing information and allowing for cashless payments. These make a great VIP option as they minimise the hassle of carrying cards, while also allowing event organisers to share details ahead of the event.

Benefits of VIP wristbands

If you’re still not convinced whether or not VIP wristbands are the preferred choice, then here is a look of the value they can bring to an event.

  • Security – VIP wristbands are ideal for individuals who require special security features as they are easily identifiable and can be kept in a separate location, away from crowds.
  • Access control – for events with cordoned off sections, VIP wristbands allow you to effectively control who is able to gain entry and who isn’t.
  • Number monitoring – with VIP wristbands, you are able to keep track of the number of people using an exclusive area at any time, which is particularly useful when planning future events.
  • Exclusivity – VIP guests are undoubtedly paying more than standard guests and the use of an identifiable VIP wristband immediately creates this sense of exclusivity.

concert wristband at night

It’s important to remember, when organising an event with VIP passes, that all security personnel are fully briefed on the VIP passes, VIP areas and any other associated VIP benefits so there is no confusion at the event. And make sure to partner with a reputable wristband supplier so that your VIP wristbands are exactly what you envision.