Apr 29

by Admin

Wristband for screening

A wristband that allows you to identify at a glance which people have been temperature screened for COVID-19 which helps to minimizing risk of anyone accidentally being missed by screening or deliberately avoiding screening.

IDCBand – South Africa’s leading wristband supplier – has cost-effective access control wristbands which are immediately available.

The use of these wristbands can lead to a reduction in the spread of the virus within the organization, increase attendance, save the organization money in the long run and ultimately save lives due to less spread outside of the organization.


1) Upon arrival, all employees/learners/contractors/members of your organization should be tested to check for high temperatures.

2) Those who have high temperatures should be denied access and referred to medical professionals/sent home – or as per your organization’s directives

3) Those with normal temperatures will be given a wristband to indicate that they have been temperature screened and cleared for that day. A different colour band should be used for each day (we have over 20 colours to choose from).

It’s that simple!

Security/managers/teachers/supervisors can then easily check at a glance to see who has been screened that day. This can reduce the chance of anyone slipping through the net (with screening) and also help prevent anyone deliberately avoiding being screened (due to being sick and wishing to continue to work/attend or simply not wishing to be tested). If necessary, different wristbands can be used for different departments, divisions and work roles.