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Types of Corporate Event Wristbands

Corporate events require planning and creativity in an effort to really unite a group of diverse individuals whose only common ground is potentially work. Event wristbands are a really simple way to enliven any event and can be used for access control, identification and even given out as corporate gifts.

Corporate event wristbands

But it’s important to know which to choose. Materials, colours, printing, styles…modern event wristbands are really versatile and fun. They can be artfully created into a signature event symbol, something to use on the day or something for colleagues to take home as a fun reminder. Here are some of the types of corporate event wristbands to consider.

1. Conferences

For a one-day conference then Tyvek wristbands are the ideal choice as they are durable, inexpensive and come a range of colours. This is quite useful for conferences where delegates are assigned different venues. The are perfect for access control as they cannot be removed once fastened.

For an overnight conference venue then it might be worth considering a vinyl wristband which is also tamperproof but will remain intact despite getting wet. The use of event wristbands at conference venues allows organisers to easily identify which delegates are connected with which conference – if several are being hosted – as well as to which perks they are entitled such as dining and drinks.

teambuilding wristband

2. Teambuilding

This is a great chance for the bridging of gaps that inevitably exist between people with only workplace daily interaction. Teambuilding activities are a way to test skills and bring out another side of the people outside the office space. It’s a time for working together, but also for a bit of fun. And this calls for a fun event wristband. The vinyl wristband option is always workable as it will withstand the tough-going nature of some teambuilding activities and can be printed in a range of colours with prints. Otherwise the silicone wristband can also be a great reminder of the event, used for ages thereafter. Colour coding can also separate the different teams for various activities.

3. Product launch or marketing

The silicone wristband is a fantastic marketing tool as the company colour, logo, font-type and message can be communicated in a simple event wristband. They are easy to distribute, easy to wear, and very visual. Take it one step further by disseminating USB silicone wristbands – when closed, the USB fastens into the silicone which can be easily accessed when back at the office. Any marketing material such as images or press releases can be stored here conveniently. The USB can then be re-used with the marketing wristband further serving its purpose.

If you are hosting a product launch and there will be media guests needing separate identification, then Tyvek wristbands are a great solution. Media will often require special passes and information so luminous red, yellow or pink is great for quick identification.

fundraising wristband

4. Fundraising drive

Corporate Social Initiatives, charity drives or outreach programmes will greatly benefit from the incorporation of silicone event wristbands to market and spread the message. These can become quite iconic, with supporters wearing them for months. The purchase of these wristbands can also generate income for the fundraising initiative.

5. Year-end function

Event wristbands are often needed as event access for year-end functions held at various locations. This is particularly true of large corporations where non-invited attendees could try make an appearance. Fabric wristbands are somewhat more fashionable for an event which requires attendees to dress up. They are also tamperproof and can incorporate really fun designs.

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Whatever your corporate event whether you are a financial outsourcing service company or a digital marketing agency, there is a wristband solution. Reputable suppliers can assist you in the best colour or font match for company logos, as well as detailed designs. They should also be able to supply you with a sample before any big order.

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