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Wristband Trends for 2020

When it comes to access control for major events such as festivals, concerts, sports competitions and conferences, wristbands of varying materials are increasingly being used the world over. And going into 2020, wristbands will continue to dominate the event-going scene with design and technological innovations, introducing a number of interesting trends. We look at wristband trends for this year.

Wristband Trends 2020

1. More festivals means more wristbands
The first wristband trend is that there will actually be even more wristbands used in 2020. A study by Eventbrite found that Millennials and Generation Y actually prefer to spend money on experiences rather than products, which means that it’s likely there will be even more events, and more wristbands, in 2020. In fact, the research shows that 75% of Millennials will go to at least one festival a year with some 25% going to four a year. This has seen the number of festivals growing globally, and South Africa is no exception. Every festival will issue unique wristbands for event access control.

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2. Cashless experiences
Around 2013, RFID (radio frequency identification) wristbands entered the event-going industry and brought with them the introduction of cashless payments. Using wireless communication, radio frequency and the electromagnetic spectrum, these wristbands are able to store vital information and prevent the need for festival-goers to carry cash or cards. Going into 2020, this technology is set to develop even further with enhanced security features, empowering event-goers to ditch any form of payment outside of the wristband itself, making it a top wristband trends for 2020.

3. Advanced connectivity
Alongside access control and cashless payments, RFID wristbands will allow the user to connect directly with social media and other personal apps, the potential of which is endless. In 2020, we can expect to see much more of this wristband trend and its’s potential unlocked, creating a truly immersive experience for event-goers. One such example is the use of totem stands at concert stages which allow wristband users to scan in, have a photo taken and uploaded to his or her social media accounts. Other possibilities include accessing information about the band or event speaker, accessing free music and even syncing a person’s Spotify account with the live music. Set lists and mailers can also be shared after the event.

4. Medical wristbands
In 2020, we’ll also see the incorporation of RFID wristbands into the medical industry even more. The superior technology will allow for the accurate identification and connection of medical patients and staff with the medical records and equipment, thereby enhancing patients’ overall wellbeing. The wristbands can easily be scanned and patient information quickly updated, improving the system efficiency.

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5. More technical features as a wristband trend
While RFID wristbands are certainly an attractive option and it’s likely we’ll see more of them in 2020, they are a costlier option. Fortunately, there are more cost-effective wristband solutions that have a variety of added benefits. One feature that is becoming a popular option is the use of ultra violet (UV) wristbands for enhanced security control. Another useful feature is the printing of a barcode on the wristband, a method which improves the accuracy of access and identification.

Wristband use is undeniably set to increase in 2020, and if you’re considering the wristband option for an event, then it’s important to work with a reputable supplier. This will ensure you are using quality wristbands and that delivery will be on time every time.

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