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Wristbands and Lanyards in Cape Town

When it comes to creating brand recognition while also raising funds and awareness for a good cause, few items have been quite as effective as the wristband and lanyard. And Cape Town in particular, which is known for being at the forefront of all trends, has managed to keep the wave of wristband and lanyard fashion accessories firmly in the public eye.

The build up to wristbands and lanyards
Fashion accessories as marketing tools aren’t something new in Cape Town – or anywhere around the globe. The comical Red Nose was launched back in 1988 as a way to raise funds for the most vulnerable citizens of society and, after somewhat of a hiatus, has returned to raise massive amounts. The various ribbon colours are adorned to show support and raise funds for everything from breast cancer to HIV/Aids, and there is the Armistice Day poppy worn on 11 November as a way to remind the world of the atrocities of war and to show support for veterans the world over.

The origins of wristbands and lanyards
But it was in 2004 that the silicone wristband was first unveiled to the world in the form of the yellow Livestrong wristband. The cancer-fighting Livestrong charity had the marketing pull of then hero-cyclist Lance Armstrong behind it, and everyone from Cape Town to Caracas was sporting the Nike-sponsored wristbands. The organisation raised hundreds of millions for the charity before Armstrong’s monumental fall from grace.

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Charity initiatives
Since then, both wristbands and lanyards have been used extensively in Cape Town and further afield to promote a variety of charitable causes and goals. Some of the more notable ones have included the campaigns for World Aids Day, 46664, Breast Cancer, Make Poverty History, Stand Up Speak Up and Beat Bullying. Seen as inexpensive yet highly effective, they are now being used in a similar fashion for strictly commercial activities, such as improving brand awareness and product promotions.

Sports events
Because of Cape Town’s position as not only a leading city in South Africa, but a world-renowned events destination, the use of wristbands and lanyards within the Mother City has been extensive. The city has not only played host to major festivals and concerts, but is also a well-known sports destination, hosting major events such as The Cape Town Cycle Tour (previously The Cape Argus), the Two Oceans Marathon, The Absa Cape Epic, The Cape Town 7s Rugby Tournament, The Sun Met Horse Race and The Red Bull King of the Air Kite Surfing Competition. All of these benefit from the marketing exposure generated by wristband and lanyard use.

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Origins of the lanyard
Although not always worn around the neck, lanyards predate wristbands in the security role by a couple of centuries. They were first used by military and naval personnel to secure bugles, whistles, guns, knives and other items of weaponry to their uniforms and, though now largely ceremonial, they remain an integral part of many service uniforms today.

Access control
While the lanyard’s necklace design is generally no less effective than a bracelet when worn for promotional purposes, their design has also seen them gain widespread favour as a convenient security accessory. In practice, both the wristbands and lanyards are now used both in security and promotional roles in Cape Town.

Wristbands are widely used to secure patient details and lanyards to attach access control and ID cards in Cape Town. At the same time, these items are very often printed with a company logo or some other information relating to the establishment and so also provide a secondary function by promoting its image.

Variety of options

Used as an alternative to an admission ticket, wristbands are inexpensive yet tamper-proof and these properties are amply provided for by a Tyvek wristband. By contrast, the soft silicone bands offered are easily removed but, instead, serve both as a fashion statement and a promotional item and in doing so will tend to guarantee longer exposure for a given campaign.

The range of designs and colours in which these items are now available is extensive and, in addition, they are manufactured from a variety of materials with differing properties. To a large extent, it is the combination of design and composition that determines their suitability for a given task. Wristbands, for instance, have become a common alternative to admission tickets at many sporting events, and lanyards are one of the most popular freebies at expos in Cape Town because they are practical, versatile and long-lasting.

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