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Wristband Trends

Where advancements in technology and industry have left several commodities behind, the versatile nature of the wristband allows it to constantly bend and adapt. This allows the wristband to take on new forms while keeping up with modern trends. Here are some of the ways wristbands have managed to stand out from other promotional items.

5 Wristband Trends

1. Advancements in wristband technology
As technology improves, the once-simple wristband – ideally suited for events and brand promotion – is becoming more sophisticated. The wristband still retains the simple essence that makes it such a sought-after product.

The introduction of QRC (Quick Response Code) bands directly connect the print band with online and mobile content. By scanning the matrix barcode, users can access business and event information, which means that despite its small size, the wristband allows for access to an infinite amount of information.

Another great addition to the silicone wristband structure is the USB clasp. Useful promotional images and documents can be saved on the item which can then be re-used by the wearer after the event.

Xylobands, or LED wristbands, create the most magnificent visual effect en masse. The wristbands are activated by radio signal resulting in an impressive illumination display that works extremely well at music concerts.

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wristband trends xylobands

A variety of colourful Xylobands

Wristband technology is also being manufactured by leading computer software developers connecting customers directly with their home devices. This wearable technology movement can be used to track fitness with personal health information uploaded directly to tablets and smartphones.

2. Screening Wristbands

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our daily lives and routines more and more business are creating a safe work environment for their employees, learners, contractors, members and customers.  A simple and affordable screening option is a wristband that allows you to identify at a glance which people have been screened for COVID-19.

These screening wristbands are available in several different colours and designs for each day of the week. The wristbands also have a secure, tamper-resistant die cut adhesive tab to ensure the bands are destroyed when removed.

3. Wristband branding trends
From a simple, monochromatic wristband with basic lettering, the branding of wristbands has developed drastically over the past few years, starting with colour options. Every range of the colour spectrum, as well as any assortment of mixtures, allows companies to visually get their brand to the right market.

Colour is extremely important for brand differentiation with many competing organisations – such as schools – using similar colours. This is where the subtle tone changes are hugely beneficial. Don’t forget the useful glow-in-the-dark wristband suited to promoting nightclub and after-hour events.

wristband trends

Glow in the dark silicone wristbands

4. Digital wristbands
Font and image printing have also come a long way with perfect replicas of detailed company logos applied to wristbands using digital image wristbands. This incredible print technology essentially turns the wristband into a mini-billboard. Attention can be brought to the lettering through the subtle embossing (raising) or debossing (imprinting) of words and even the use of infill for debossed printing for increased longevity.

5. Wristband trends in retail
Silicone wristbands are a fantastic way to set companies apart from competitors while also conveying important messages. They can be used to contain leaflets and information on various health and safety campaigns or to promote company health and wellness programmes.

Grocery stores are finding great benefit in using wristbands for product tie-ins, fastening promotional products, as well as in food and beverage packaging. The printed wristbands help sell the product while also extending customer interaction with the brand through reuse.

wristband trends promotional

Fun promotional slap bracelets used in retail. Creating a collection works particularly well



Promotional wristbands are also the perfect accessory to health and beauty products which are often sold as bundle product combinations or have an ‘add-on gift’ connected with purchase. This is increasingly popular over the festive season, as well as special celebrations such as Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s Days. Special offers are made even more spectacular with the use of backlit ink. This highlights the organisation’s message with an eye-catchingly colourful glow, brought about through the use of UV lighting.

The future of wristbands
Wristbands continue to gain momentum across various industries, proving popular with all ages. The enhanced technological and aesthetic advancements just serve to heighten interest in these gizmos, with consumers more likely to reuse the product as appeal rises. The overall access control is also heightened as improvements make duplication more difficult.

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