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Top Must-Have Music Festival Wristbands

The expanse of open space slowly fills with soon-to-be muddy, sweaty pulsating masses of ardent music-lovers getting their fix of soul-fulfilling tunes. From Belgium to Spain, Denmark to the United States, the music festival is a worldwide phenomenon, differing ever so slightly from one city to the next, ensuring its unique mark. Yet every well-orchestrated event has a number of similarities that connect festival goers across the oceans, one of these being the wristband.

Festival Wristbands

There are a number of things we must all do in our lifetime, and for those who anxiously check out the line-ups of renowned festivals annually, attending some of the world’s best is definitely on the bucket list. And what better way to commemorate each epic festival than by collecting the ultimate wristband.

1. The Coachella Valley Music and Arts’ Festival
An iconic font and ever-changing eye-catching graphics make the Coachella wristband one to top the collection. This mystical, must-attend festival is located in the vast Colorado Desert, attracting thousands annually to hear some of the age’s best bands. Originating in 1999, this cool, fun festival is one of the most profitable of all time, showcasing not only the most well-known names in the music industry, but also providing a platform for up-and-comers. And the accompanying wristbands certainly echo the vibrant mood. The 2011 wristband edition was particularly stunning, featuring the instantly recognisable Colorado landscape and rising sun with a variety of background colours.


2. Glastonbury Festival
No music festival wristband collection would be complete without one of the world’s most renowned examples; Glastonbury. Running since 1970 in Somerset, England, this true hippie festival brings out some of the most beautifully designed wristbands, always unique. Anyone who has one of these wristbands in their collection will have experienced one of the largest green-field music festivals where, in addition to musical performances, audiences get to experience theatre, circus and cabaret shows.


3. Sonar Festival
Although not quite as colourful as the festival itself, Barcelona’s Sonar wristband is certainly one to add to the collection. One of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Barcelona has been putting on a great show since 1994 with a music festival that features cutting-edge artists, incredible video art projections, audio-visual displays as well installations by modern artists.

sonar festival wristband

4. Roskilde Festival
Also not quite as animated as the festival itself, the Roskilde wristband can sit proudly among the festival display. It’s simplistic font and design belie the four-day musical extravaganza that features more than 3 000 contemporary and lesser-known performers. A festival the Danes can be proud of, Roskilde Festival also includes a cheeky naked run around the campsite, hosted by the festival’s radio station.

Roskilde Festival Wristband

5. Lollapalooza
A fantastically funky wristband to match a fantastically funky festival, Chicago’s Lollapalooza is a name that has become synonymous with music festivals from its 1991 beginnings. Hosting some 160 000 visitors over three-days, this festival – started by Jane’s Addiction singer, Perry Farrell – has given some well-known bands their big break, including the legendary Pearl Jam. The 2014 wristband is really stand-out with a creative font and simple graphics that work well together. And, keeping with the times, the 2016 wristbands incorporated RFID technology, allowing wearers to sync wristbands with credit card and personal information, useful in medical emergencies.


6. Tomorrowland
Always ahead of the game, Belgium’s ultimate Tomorrowland festival also incorporated RFID technology into its incredibly stylish, custom-made, leather wristbands. You could easily get away with wearing this as an accessory after the event, it’s just that good. But then, everything about this electronic music festival is good; the line-up, the setup, the décor and audio-visual technology. If electronic and dance music is your passion, then adding one of Tomorrowland’s wristbands to your collection is non-negotiable.

tomorrowland festival wristband

7. Ultra Music Festival
Really, as the name suggests, this is the Ultra music festival for electronic lovers. Set in downtown Miami, the festival has grown from a small one-day affair in 1999 to weekend festival hosting 165 000 people in 2016, with tickets selling out in four minutes. I particularly like the festival’s multi-coloured rubber wristbands that will certainly brighten up your festival favourites.

music festival wristbands

Such a funky-named festival doesn’t need to do too much to create a coveted wristband. SXSW (pronounced South by South West to those out of the loop) takes place in one of the world’s music capital’s, Austin, Texas with the festival taking over the town. From bars and clubs to parks and churches, international and new artists perform any genre of music to excited crowds.

music festival wristbands

From the above it is evident that music festivals and events not only use their wristbands as access control but also rely heavily on peoples fondness of keeping their wristbands as keepsakes and mementos that will keep them coming back for years to come.

Paul Simon in fact makes tribute to the nostalgia around the event wristband in his new single Wristband. Have a listen to this here:

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