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Questions to ask your Wristband Supplier in Johannesburg

If you’re planning an event and have opted for wristbands as your entry control, then you’re already off to the right start. Durable, cost-effective, user-friendly and enticingly eye-catching, wristbands will ensure a safely co-ordinated event from start to finish.

The next step to locking down your smoothly-run programme is selecting the best wristband supplier in Johannesburg to meet your unique needs. This is imperative because you don’t want the day to arrive and you’re either still waiting for your order or you find yourself with 10 000 blue plastic wristbands when what you actually ordered was 100 000 vinyl wristbands. Let this aspect be the least of your event planning worries.

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Wristband Supplier in Johannesburg Questions

1. What materials do you use?
The world of event wristbands has become one with endless options and sophisticated designs. Gone are the days of ‘one style fits all’ which can make your order quite daunting if you don’t know what you’re in for. The typical ranges will include the popular and economical Tyvek wristbands, durable vinyl, funky fabric or memorable silicone. Assess your budget and event requirements before landing on which material you would prefer. Contact your wristband supplier in Johannesburg to ask which material they think would work best.

2. What is the cost?
Obviously the varying materials come with differing costs which you will then need to incorporate into ticket prices. The length of your event will have to come into consideration as the more durable wristbands will come at a higher price. Where Tyvek are perfect for one-day events, you might have to look at vinyl or fabric for weekend events or longer. Don’t forget to ask about any special deals or discounts that the wristband supplier in Johannesburg may offer.

3. What is your turnaround time?
For any event whether it’s in Johannesburg or Cape Town, you need to start planning far in advance because of the bookings that need to be made and general preparation – from organising toilet facilities to booking the entertainment – all of which amounts to a mammoth task. Ensure you start your enquiries early so that your wristbands arrive well in advance and check what your wristband supplier’s turnaround time is. If your wristband supplier is in Johannesburg and your event is in Durban, be sure to factor the delivery time into the lead time.

4. What experience do you have?
It is always noble to give the new business on the circuit a shot, but just make sure they have done their research and know what they’re doing. Otherwise, going with an experienced wristband supplier in Johannesburg that has great references always eases any anxiety associated with such an important order.

5. What security features are available?
Depending on your budget and requirements, the more technological wristbands come with some fantastic security features. These include barcoded tamper-proof labels; hologram foils stamped inside the wristband, UV printing and patterned micro printing, all of which prevent counterfeiting. In addition, Tyvek wristbands have security cuts which will tear when tampered with while plastic wristbands have a single-use snap preventing multiple use. Certain wristbands are also numbered so that you can keep track of your stock. This is an important feature when using an event wristband supplier in Johannesburg and you need your order shipped to another province. You are able to keep track of stock and avoid counterfeit wristbands.

6. What quantities are available?
Certain wristband suppliers might only accept larger orders so if you’re having a smaller event, check what the minimum order option is. If your order is large – about 5 000 or more – make sure to make the booking well in advance as order size will invariably impact time taken for completion.

7. Can I customise the wristbands?
Generally, the Tyvek, plastic and fabric wristbands can be customised so you will need to plan an attention-grabbing design ahead of time. It’s also worth checking whether the wristband supplier places its logo or company markings on the wristband at all. For a few fun examples take a look at Top Must-Have Music Festival Wristbands for inspiration as well as our Wristband Design Guide.

8. What are the dimensions and colours on offer?
If you have a very specific colour palette in mind, check that the wristband supplier in Johannesburg has the correct shades available and won’t substitute what you want with something almost, but not-quite similar. You can also look into neon wristbands for night events to really make the crowd stand out. Often the length of wristbands is fairly standard – although it’s always best to check – while width size can vary.

Once you’ve decided what type, colour, pattern and style event wristband you are going for, start throwing these questions at various wristband suppliers in Johannesburg and decide on the best fit for your event. Check out this Wristband Design Guide for more ideas.

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