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What is a Vinyl Wristband?

Vinyl wristbands are a very popular choice for access control at events and functions that span over a few days. Vinyl is inexpensive to manufacture, durable and tamper proof. Many event organisers prefer to use vinyl wristbands as opposed to Tyvek wristbands because of their longer lifespan.


What is Vinyl?

PVC, polyvinyl chloride or vinyl is one of the most heavily used types of plastic in the world today. More rigid PVC is used for construction, bottles piping and more. However by adding certain plasticizers, the material can be made more flexible and softer creating a more user friendly material that is used for plumbing, insulation, signage, inflatable products and vinyl wristbands.

Types of Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands often come in a variety of colours and designs depending on which supplier you approach for your needs. Some examples of types of vinyl wristbands include Tradbands, which are made of 3 layers of plastic for extra strength, Koolbands which have wavy edges for a more unique, duplication-proof wristband. The Series 2000 wristband is another example and can fit adults and children and will last for up to 10 days without breaking or tearing. These are the simplest types of wristbands and are therefore very popular for mass production. Each type of wristband however is always water as well as tear resistant. They should be easy to brand and have a relatively quick turnaround time to produce. Anything from 5 days to 3 weeks is standard depending on branding design complexity.

Vinyl Wristband Security Features

All vinyl wristbands should be water and tear resistant. They should also be tamper proof and last for a few days without breaking or tearing. They should come with a tamper proof clip that once it is locked in place cannot be opened. Some vinyl wristbands have dual locking systems to ensure solid security. The more complex the colours and design of the vinyl wristband, the harder it is for duplication. It is therefore advisable to think wisely about this before choosing a specific type of vinyl wristband for your event.

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