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Advantages of Vinyl Wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are a popular choice for access control at events, venues and exhibitions. These wristbands are more durable than tyvek wristbands but cheaper than fabric wristbands making them ideal for longer or outdoor events. Here are a few more advantages of the vinyl wristband

5 Advantages of Vinyl Wristbands

  1. Durability of the wristband

The highest quality vinyl wristbands are made from at least 3 layers of vinyl for strength and durability. Vinyl wristbands are therefore the most durable type of wristband as they are water and tear resistant. They will easily remain in perfect condition for an event of up to 10 days. This makes them the ideal wristband for outdoor events such as festivals and concerts where there is bound to be exposure to the elements.

  1. Tamper proof clip for added security

The tamper proof clip allows event organisers to eliminate the possibility of sharing wristbands amongst event-goers. Once the clip is closed, it cannot be opened and the only way to get the wristband off is to cut through it, making it worthless thereafter. This makes vinyl wristbands ideal for events that run over a few days such as exhibitions and conferences. The alternative would be to get different coloured Tyvek wristbands for each day but this could become costly for longer events.

  1. Soft and comfortable to wear

Vinyl wristbands are made from a soft and flexible type of plastic that easily and comfortably fits onto any size wrist. This is important for event organisers to consider especially if the wristband has to stay on over a few days. There are a number of punch holes that the tamper proof clip can fit into making the wristband adjustable in size. You therefore don’t need to print a number of different sized wristbands for your event. These wristbands are also a much better choice for events aimed at children as they are more comfortable to wear and won’t hurt or chafe the skin.

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  1. Water resistant

Vinyl wristbands won’t damage, fade, thin or wear when exposed to water. For events that take place over many days this is ideal as showering, swimming or bathing with a vinyl wristband on is no problem at all. These wristbands are also ideal at places like the beach, aquariums or water slide parks where there may be a lot of exposure to sun and moisture.

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  1. Easy to create unique wristbands

Vinyl wristbands are available in just about any colour as well as a wide variety of styles. From wavy edges to glitterbands, vinyl wristbands can be completely customised. This adds to better security for your event as they will be difficult to duplicate. Should you have sponsors that wish to brand the access control wristbands, vinyl wristbands are probably one of the easier wristbands to brand. They can be branded with either one colour or full colour depending on your needs. They can also be branded anywhere on the wristband which some sponsors prefer. The uniqueness of the wristband can be as much or as little as you like.

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  1. Difficulty in duplicating

As mentioned above, because vinyl wristbands can be so varied in design, this leads to difficulty in duplication. Event fraudsters will have a tough time duplicating the vinyl wristband or getting the copy spot on because it is difficult to replicate. The chances that they will be able to guess what type of wristband will be used also adds to the complexity.

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