May 16

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Wristband Buying Guide

When it comes to access control, there are a variety of different wristbands you can consider for your event. Rather than getting overwhelmed, we’ve put together this handy buying guide so that you can streamline your wristband decision making.

What to consider when ordering event wristbands

1. How long is your event?

The first thing to consider is the duration of the event when selecting your access control wristbands. If you’re planning an event that will run for more than three days, you’re going to need a long-lasting wristband such as vinyl, fabric or PVC as these are incredibly durable and comfortable to wear for an extended period. These are well-suited to lengthy conferences as well as musical events and festivals. However, if you’re planning an event that will only run for a day or two, then you might want to look at Tyvek wristbands. This is a more cost-effective option, it’s durable and also tamper-proof to ensure incredible access control. To give you a rough idea:

  • 1-to-3-day events: Tyvek wristbands
  • 1-to-10-day events: Vinyl wristbands
  • 1 day to 2-week events: Fabric wristbands

2. What level of security features are needed?

Another important feature is security as wristbands vary in the type of security provided. Most wristbands provide excellent tamper-proof and duplication-proof security features; however, the level of security does differ somewhat. While still tamper-proof, the entry-level wristband would be Tyvek, followed by vinyl as the next step up. If you’re hosting a really exclusive event or one with VIP sections, then you might want to look at fabric wristbands which are both stylish and secure. In brief:

  • Adequate security features: Tyvek wristbands
  • Medium-to-high-level security features: Vinyl wristbands
  • High-level security features: Fabric wristbands

3. What is your lead time?

Ideally, the more time the better, but life doesn’t always work out like that! If you’ve got very little lead time, then wristbands like Tyvek and vinyl can be produced very quickly, provided the branding isn’t too complex. Full colour wristbands will take longer, and the number of colours required will also impact the printing time. If you’re pressed for time, then try go with a simple design in one colour. Here’s a look at the approximate timing:

  • Tyvek wristbands: 1 day to 3 weeks depending on branding
  • Vinyl wristbands: 2 days for unbranded, 5 days for branded
  • Fabric wristbands: 2 to 3 weeks

4. What is your budget?

As with everything, cost is always a factor that needs to be carefully considered. Fortunately, they range in price so there’s always a wristband that can work into your budget. For entry-level pricing with tamper-proof access control, you can consider Tyvek wristbands, with vinyl the next step up. However, for the more exclusive wristband range, you can look at fabric or silicone, but it must be noted that silicone wristbands can be removed so are not ideal in terms of security. They do, however, work very well at charity and sporting events for both access control and promotion.

wristbands for concerts

5. What is the event type?

You can also look at matching the type of event to the wristband. For a more relaxed, casual event, then Tyvek or vinyl is a safe and reliable option. These are also great for any form of Covid-19 pre-screening as you can write on these using permanent marker. For more upscale events, fabric and silicone are your best bet, as they offer an appropriate level of sophistication and comfort.

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