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Types of Lanyards

Different types of Lanyards


Lanyards are worn around the neck and can hold a number of objects such as keys, ID cards, access cards or name badges.

Read more about the uses of lanyards here. This products’ popularity has grown tremendously over the past few years and still provides the number one source of identification means in most corporate and educational institutions.

They are a vital part of company security and corporate identity campaigns nowadays. With the advent of new and innovative designs, colours and printing options and an unlimited source of materials, companies have started putting more effort into creating unique lanyards that match their company’s culture.

Not just a single option

Companies can choose from a wide variety of design, type and colour options for their lanyards. The two most common materials used to make a lanyard are polyester and nylon. The polyester or nylon can further be manufactured to create a reflective lanyard (suitable for night events), tubular lanyards (much like a thick shoelace and suitable for everyday use) and cord lanyards (much like a thin shoelace).

Once the design has been chosen there are also a number of different ways to print a logo or brand onto a lanyard. These options include dye sublimated/ full colour lanyard (for example full camo or animal print around the entire lanyard), woven (where the design is woven into the polyester instead of printed on, much like embroidery) or flat screen print lanyards (where the logo or brand is printed directly onto a plain coloured lanyard.

Once the material, lanyard type and printing options have been decided on, one can also choose from a variety of attachments such as swivel hooks, split rings, detachable buckles, lobster hooks, safety break clips, cell phone clips and retractable badge reels.


Prices vary and depend on the above factors as well as lanyard size and the quantity of orders. Of course, the greater the number of orders, the less the price per piece.

Most lanyard manufacturers have experts that will advise a company on the type of lanyard that is best suited for its particular needs.

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