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3 Event Wristband Uses You Hadn’t Thought Of

Event Wristband Uses

Yes believe it or not, there are many uses to the common event wristband. Usually event wristbands are made and distributed to assist with access control at concerts, events, exhibitions, parties and more. Below we have found a few case studies where the common event wristband has been used for other, more obscure purposes:

1. Taylor Swift Event Wristband Saves Lives

In May 2015, three girls that were involved in a car accident after having attended a Taylor Swift concert say that the concert wristbands saved their lives. Elizabeth Dazzio was driving her sister and a friend home from Swift’s show when she fell asleep behind the wheel and the car crashed, according to local radio station. Dazzio was knocked unconscious and the two other girls were trapped.
Their phones were dead, and they say that cars passed and no-one stopped so they used their bracelets from the show, that had been programmed and synced to the beat of the music, as emergency flares to get the attention of people driving by. And it worked. Taylor Swift shared the story on Twitter and is so happy that the girls are ok.


2. Poor Choice of Wristband use

Campaigners in Britain are calling on the Conservative parliamentary candidate for Cambridge, Chamali Fernando, to stand down after she said that mental health patients should wear colour-coded wristbands to identifying their conditions. During an event hosted by an NHS campaign in Cambridge in April 2015, Fernando, was asked how the authorities could help the police better deal with people with mental health issues. Fernando responded that wristbands which disclose a person’s illness could help barristers, such as herself, to better aid the public. Clearly this idea was thrown out and the common event wristband went back to serving its core purpose; access control at events.


3. Where Technology meets Imagination

Children in Ireland were treated to an extra special conversation with Santa last year. Children visiting Santa’s Grotto in Blarney Woollen Mills, Ireland, were given NFC wristbands that were pre-encoded with information provided by their parents. As a child approached the grotto, the wristband was scanned by an elf (with a wave of his wand) and Santa’s “naughty or nice” book automatically updated with the information so that he could talk to the children on a personal level. With Santa “knowing” exactly what the children had been doing throughout the year, children and parents alike were queuing for hours to take part. No doubt this year there will be a few more well behaved children in Blarney Woollen Mills. Unfortunately this technology isn’t available in South Africa yet but keep an eye on the this ever changing industry for the latest news and updates.


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