Mar 10

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Why You Need To Use a Reputable Event Wristband Supplier

Use a Reputable Event Wristband Supplier for:

Security, security, security

The main purpose of event wristbands is really to control access into an event and prevent people from attending that haven’t bought a ticket. Although event wristbands also look great and are a nice sentimental keepsake of the event, fraudulent activities such as this cost event organisers and performers millions each year as event wristbands are duplicated and sold at a fraction of the price to concert goers.
It is therefore vital to choose at wristband supplier that has been in the industry for many years and has a proven track record of confidentiality and safe and secure storage. Reputable suppliers will happily provide confidentiality agreements should you request one and they will never repeat your order for another client. For more on this, read our article, 5 Questions to ask your event wristband supplier.


Confidence that you will receive your event wristbands on time

A reputable event wristband supplier will have a proven track record of being able to meet deadlines promptly and efficiently. It is therefore a good idea to use an event wristband supplier that has large clients and have serviced them well for a few years. These suppliers will understand the importance of a deadline and will be able to handle the pressure. I.e. they have the correct resources, staff and processes to handle the order.

Knowledge that you will receive quality event wristbands

It is of paramount importance that event wristbands are tamper proof and durable. If a lower quality event wristband is supplier you run the risk of the event wristband not lasting for the duration of the event and if they can be tampered with they are able to be rotated from person to person. Choosing an event wristband supplier that has quality stock and reliable manufacturers is very important, in order to avoid your event access control to diminish in effectiveness.
Maintaining your good relationship with event sponsors and concert organisers

If you choose an event wristband supplier that doesn’t deliver on time, delivers poor quality wristbands or does not have policies in place to prevent duplication, you may very well be on a slippery slope to a disastrous event and ruining relationships with those that you are planning the event for. Keep relationships strong by using only the top event wristband suppliers.

For more information on choosing which wristband is best suited to your event, have a read through our useful Wristband Buying Guide.
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