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5 Questions to ask your Event Wristband Supplier

Questions for your Event Wristband Supplier

If you’re in the market for event wristbands for your event, concert or festival and are currently looking for a supplier, it’s important to ask these 5 questions to shortlisted suppliers in order to understand whether they will be able to provide you with the best products and service.

1. What is your event wristband lead time?

A lead time will vary according to which type of event wristband you are choosing for your event. Whether it’s Tyvek , vinyl , plastic or silicone wristbands it’s important to understand how long it will take for these to be ready and delivered to you. Some suppliers can produce Tyvek wristbands within 24 hours while others take a few weeks, as their stock is not onsite. It is therefore important to ask whether the supplier keeps enough stock on site as this will have an impact on lead time.

2. Do you have a proven track record, and can I speak to one of your long term clients?

Any reputable event wristband supplier will happily be able to supply you with details of satisfied customers and a strong track record in delivering on time with little to no hassle. It’s definitely worth your time to speak to these clients and understand whether their orders were completed in time and the event wristband quality was of satisfactory standards.

3. Are completed event wristbands kept safely and confidentially?

The purpose of event wristbands is of course to provide security and access control at events. Therefore if no ticket was purchased, no event wristband is given. As each event wristband is customised for that specific event it’s hugely important that they cannot be fraudulently duplicated before the event. It is therefore vital to choose an event wristband supplier that keeps all their products onsite and has a history of safe and secure delivery to avoid the leakage of event wristbands. Additionally, strict policies should be in place so that your order is never repeated for another company and your designs are never showed to anyone else. Confidentiality agreements should be readily available to sign if necessary.

4. Are you continuously innovating in order to be able to supply the best product to me at the most affordable price?

The best event wristband suppliers will be continuously researching and getting ideas from overseas as well as trying to bring in new technology to South Africa. This access control technology will be able to manage access control at your events more efficiently and effectively and will be able to save you time and money in the long run.

5. Are you able to customise my event wristband if need be?

The best event wristband suppliers will be able to customise event wristbands to your exact specifications. This includes making sure that your brand is printed correctly and legibly, with the correct inks and materials. It’s of no use choosing an event wristband supplier that is unable to supply you with a customised neon, branded, glitter, wavy plastic wristband if this is what your event sponsor wants.

6. Can i Buy event wristbands online?

All good event wristband suppliers will have a online wristband shop to order standard Tyvek wristbands and a selection of fast moving products. Keep in mind that if you need some custom access control products it will be ebst to speak to an informed suppluer and then place the order with them.


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