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Wristband Buying Guide

For event organisers, it is going to be a busy year  But whether you’re putting together a large-scale event, organising a competition, or simply arranging a business get-together, event wristbands are the way to go. But where to start?  


In this wristband buying guide we discuss types of wristbands for events, where to buy wristbands,  5 of the best wristbands for your event and tips for designing the best event wristband.


What are the wristband types?

Before going off to buy your event wristbands, here’s a look at the types of wristbands you can order, and which are best for which occasion.


1.     Tyvek® wristbands

The most economical of all wristband options is the Tyvek wristband – also known as the paper wristbands, however they’re made from an incredibly durable material. They also have a non-transferable clasp, making them ideal for event access. These wristbands come in all colours and designs

Uses: Hospital or clinics to identify patients; awareness days; sports races; concerts; parties and fairs.

Benefits: Durable, affordable and versatile.

Orange Wristbands

2.     PVC or vinyl wristbands

These are also known as plastic wristbands and are slightly more durable than the Tyvek® counterparts. They have a tamper-proof design and are also available in various colours and designs with brand colours and logos printed on them.

Uses: Overnight conferences, festivals, marathon events, water parks, hotels, all-inclusive resorts, beaches and amusement parks.

Benefits: Hard-wearing and versatile.


3.     Glitter or holographic wristbands

This is a type of vinyl wristbands that is incredibly popular with children and teenagers. Just like the vinyl wristbands, these are tamper-proof and can be customised.

Uses: Children’s birthday parties at the beach or night-time events like bars and nightclubs with strobe lighting.

Benefits: Tamper-proof and visually appealing.

glitterbands - vinyl wristbands

4.     Fabric wristbands

The ultimate in access control wristbands, the fabric option is tear and water resistant and completely recyclable. They can be made using dye print or woven print with a barrel lock or aluminium ring.

Uses: Concerts, high-scale events.

Benefits: Aesthetically appealing and tamper-proof.


5.     Silicone wristbands

For events where access security is not an issue, silicone wristbands are a great alternative. This is a simple silicone band without any clasp that can be printed in a range of colours with branding an option. These are easily the most durable of all wristbands, and because they can be re-used, they’re great as promotional items and gifts. They’re available in different style – embossed, debossed, silkscreen, silkscreen embossed, and colour-fill debossed.

Uses: Charities and foundation causes, schools, clubs, sports events,

Benefits: Reusable and a marketing tool.


Where do you buy event wristbands?


Once you’ve got an idea of what wristband type you want to go with, you need to go out and purchase your order. But deciding where to go can be quite tricky. Here are some of the places you can buy event wristbands.

–        Wholesale stores

Certain wholesale stores will sell event wristbands in bulk; however, you’ll have limitations in terms of colour and style choices. You also won’t be able to necessarily customise the wristbands for your particular event. This is a great option where you just need solid colour bands and if you’re going to write on the wristbands manually.

–        Promotional organisation

If you’re looking for a specialised event wristband, then it’s best you work with industry professionals. Source a local promotional company that can customise your order, and provide you with the necessary guidance on what to order. They will offer in-house design so that you can match the event wristband to your desired company or cause colours and branding.

–        Online shopping

Many leading promotional organisations will provide you with a wristband shop with the option of ordering your event wristbands online. They can chat to you about your particular style, colour and wristband types, then simply place your order online rather than having to venture out in person.

What to check before ordering

Before finalising your order, make sure you check:

  • How long the wristbands will take – the more detailed, the longer the lead time.
  • The company’s track record – online reviews and word-of-mouth are useful here.
  • Any specials available – many companies have discounts on the number of wristbands you order.
  • Customisation – can they provide you with the exact wristband you want?

The 5 best wristbands for your event

Access control is one of the most crucial factors when planning an event, and you’re well aware that wristbands are the best access control currently. What you don’t know is just which wristband type is best! This depends on the type of event you’re planning as this will determine just how durable the wristband needs to be. We’ve taken the guesswork out by matching the wristbands with events and listing each wristbands key selling points!

Wristband #1: Tyvek or paper

These are one of the most popular wristband types for event access as they’re non-transferable and can be personalised with full colour printing and text. Tyvek is water-resistant and has a waterproof adhesive that makes them great for short-term use. These event wristbands tend to come in two sizes, and are often used outside of events in various industries such as healthcare, construction, shipping, fashion and automotive. For events, tyvek wristbands act as a fantastic security measure, preventing gatecrashers as any attempt to remove the band is immediately visible.

Key selling points: Cost-effective, tear-resistant and lightweight.

Event types: Concerts, single-day festivals, marathons, nightclubs, waterparks and theme parks.

Wristband #2: Vinyl or plastic

Vinyl wristbands are a great option for multi-day events as they’re more durable and comfortable than the Tyvek counterparts. They’re waterproof which makes them great for water-based events, or long-term concerts and festivals where showering and swimming is called for. The vinyl wristband is fitted with a self-locking clip that cannot be undone once it’s in place, preventing gate-crashing. The material is also comfortable, allowing them to be worn for extended periods of time without causing issues. Vinyl can be printed in a range of colours with company logos and messaging printing directly on the wristband.

Series 2000 vinyl wristbands access control wristband

Key selling points: Waterproof and non-transferable.

Event types: Water parks, resorts, fairs, fundraisers and conferences.

Wristband #3: Fabric

Fabric wristband types are constructed using woven or satin cloth materials and can be customised to make them incredibly secure. The material provides wearers with a much more comfortable experience, and event organisers have endless possibilities in terms of creative design for these incredibly unique wristband options. In fact, there’s even the adjustable bead variety which are great for smaller events such as bachelorette parties. They can be constructed using a loop lock to prevent them being transferred.

Key selling point: Fashionable keepsakes.

Event types: Festivals, concerts, theme parks, weddings and fundraisers.

Wristband #4: Silicone

Sometimes referred to as ‘rubber wristbands’, silicone bands are wonderfully soft and durable, as well as being completely waterproof. They’re not ideal as access control as they don’t come with non-transferable clasps, but rather can be slipped off and re-worn at a later stage. They can be printed in a variety of colours, with logos and messaging to create awareness. Some of the silicone wristband printing types include:

  • Plain printed silicone
  • Embossed silicone
  • Colour-filled silicone
  • Debossed silicone

Key selling point: Promotional material.

Event types: Fundraisers, non-profit organisations, corporate gifts, conferences and sports events.

Wristband #5: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

This is a silicone wristband that contains an RFID tag that can receive and transmit a unique identification number and other associated information when scanned. This makes them an incredibly effective event access control method that mitigates unnecessary queuing, especially when crafted using a patented Smartlock to prevent transference. The three types of RFID tags are:

  • Passive that uses the energy from the reader.
  • Active which have an on-board battery and transmit information regularly without requiring a reader.
  • Battery-assisted where the battery powers the tag when it’s in proximity of a reader.

Key selling point: Smart technology

Event types: Hotels, concerts, theme parks, conferences and resorts.


Tips for designing the best event wristband


If you’re planning an event, then don’t leave the event wristband design until last. Make sure you have sufficient time for designing, printing some examples, manufacturing the wristbands and shipping them. Customised wristbands will take a bit longer than stock wristbands, so give the manufacturer enough time. IDC Band can assist you in everything from custom-designing your event wristbands through to manufacture and on-time delivery.


Get your event wristbands done right from the start with IDC Band! IDC Band is the one-stop event wristband shop. Whether you’re planning a smaller-scale function or a big corporate affair then contact IDC wristband for great advice and quality service.

After going far too long without in-person events, many are celebrating the return to outdoor gatherings, concerts, festivals and sports’ contests. Event planners are now enthusiastically organising all elements from booking venues and entertainment through to catering and security. And, when it comes to organising event access, there’s nothing better than the event wristband. But rather than going with a stock standard wristband option, why not consider designing the wristband to make it a collectable? Here are a few tips from the experts on wristband design.

1.     You can be a bit of a font snob

You might not realise it on a conscious level, but the fonts used in marketing material elicit some form of emotion, one way or the other. It’s often a case of associating the font with a particular brand, advertising campaign or even show. You’re also going to want to steer clear of the common fonts – Times New Roman, Comic Sans and Helvetica come to mind – but rather consider the message the font conveys and the visibility of the font. You’ll also have to remember that the font, when printed on fabric or plastic, will appear differently to on a computer screen. That’s why you’ll have to print some samples ahead of time. While you might want to fit a lot on your little wristband space, using anything point 6 or smaller won’t be that legible.

2.     Choose a good colour scheme

Remember that a wristband is not just an event access pass, it’s a valuable marketing tool as well. That’s why you need to make it really eye-catching. If you’re choosing colours that match a particular brand, then you might be somewhat limited in your options. However, if you have a bit of freedom in this arena, then you must, must, must consider the colour contrasts. Blue text against a black background is a complete waste of time – as is yellow against an orange background. You simply can’t read what’s been printed on the wristband. Whereas blue font against a yellow background, or darks against lights, are much easier. Make sure you check a colour visibility chart before choosing your preferred colour scheme. It’s also important to note that a multi-coloured logo or text will get lost in a darker background.

3.     Consider the colour profiles

Just as the font won’t appear quite the same printed as it did on the computer, the colour contrast will also alter somewhat when not on a computer screen. Printers usually print using cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) ink whereas the image editor will use red green and blue (RGB) colour profiles. In addition, if your monitor isn’t properly calibrated, the perceived colour might shift even further. Your best bet? Always print a few before deciding.

4.     Check the quality of images

Image quality is an absolute importance when printing on an event wristband. This means that the original photo or image needs to be at least 300 dpi – or 1000 MB – if you’re looking to print something that looks good. This means avoid using images you find on the web, because the images are generally around 72 dpi and there might be copywrite infringement concerns as well. Consider working with a professional graphic designer so that you have an original, eye-catching and quality image.

5.     Don’t overdo it

An event wristband is an extremely useful access control and marketing tool, but it’s a small object. You need to remember this when you come in with your grand designs, fonts and colours. Too much on the event wristband and you might as well print nothing at all. It will be far too busy, overwhelming the senses so that what you’re trying to sell can’t be read anyway. Keep the event wristband design simple to make something truly effective.

6.     Pick the right material

Event wristbands are available in a range of material types, depending on your event format and what your budget will allow. Plastic, Tyvek, silicone, vinyl and fabric are the dominant options, all of which are durable but completely different in appearance. Tyvek is a popular option for festivals as it’s cost-effective and great with more elaborate designs. Silicone is better with written fonts and logos than designs, while fabric comes out great with images, texts and logos.

7.     Don’t delay

If you’re planning an event, then don’t leave the event wristband design until last. Make sure you have sufficient time for designing, printing some examples, manufacturing the wristbands and shipping them. Customised wristbands will take a bit longer than stock wristbands, so give the manufacturer enough time. IDC Band can assist you in everything from custom-designing your event wristbands through to manufacture and on-time delivery.


Get your event wristbands done right from the start with IDC Band! IDC Band is the one-stop event wristband shop. Whether you’re planning a smaller-scale function or a big corporate affair then contact IDC wristband for great advice and quality service.