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From Festivals to Conferences: The Versatility of Event Wristbands

If you’re planning an event and are concerned about security, access, or marketing, then look no further than the event wristband. The great thing about event wristbands is their incredible versatility – they can be used everywhere from a conference focused on industrial supplies to a large-scale music festival running for three days. Let’s take a look at why you’re going to want wristbands for your upcoming event.

Event Wristband

Wristband Types


Before we look at the versatility of wristbands, here’s a quick look at the event wristband types so you know which would work for you.


  1. Plastic or PVC Wristbands: This has a tamper-proof clasp and is made from a durable substance making it ideal for longer and outdoor events. They come in various colours with the option of logos and messaging.


  1. Tyvek Wristbands: These are a more cost-effective option but are also non-transferable and durable. They’re a good choice for large-scale events over a few days.


  1. Silicone Wristbands: These can be removed so aren’t ideal as security wristbands, but they are great for marketing.


  1. Fabric Wristbands: These are on the high end of the scale, made from tear and water-resistant fabric with full-colour dye or woven print. They can be locked for access control.


Events Suited to Wristbands


There are so many uses for wristbands, but they are ideal for access control at events of all sizes. Here’s a look at some of the events they’ve worked for in the past, and how they’ll work for you.


1.     Festivals

Whether it’s a fun fair or a music festival, wristbands serve a number of vital purposes at a festival. They are secure and highly visible so you can incorporate them for admission control as they can’t be transferred. You can also use your festival wristbands in a range of colours to categorise according to ticket types, age restrictions, access levels, and more. If you need to give your sponsors more airtime, then you can add branding and logos onto the wristband as well.


2.     Concerts

As with festivals, wristbands provide incredible access control for busy concerts, and can even act as a ticket replacement, minimising the risk of lost tickets. RFID wristbands can also be programmed to sync with the music and light up to create an incredible visual display. The colour-coding can also assist in differentiating levels such as VIP and general access, as well as accessibility for alcohol and more.


3.     Theme Parks

Wristbands, which are inherently durable, are also ideal for entry and ride access at theme parks, even water theme parks as they are water-resistant. Being non-transferrable, they have inherent security measures, and additional information can be added to the wristbands, such as parents’ contact details in case children are separated at the park. QR coding can also allow access to park information, as well as items to purchase such as merchandise and photos. Eezyrider wristbands – a type of vinyl wristband – are particularly helpful here as they come with removable tags that can be used as credits for rides, food, and more.


4.     Sports and Charity Events

With major sports events such as road races and trail biking, wristbands are ideal for showcasing individual names, sponsor logs, as well as useful event information. Colour co-ordination can also help differentiate different teams, with silicone wristbands often used as key marketing tools at sports and charity events.


5.     Conferences

Conferences, workshops, and other networking sessions are the ideal space for wristbands which can once again be used for access control, categorisation, branding, and sponsorship. RFID wristbands or those with QR codes are particularly useful in this space as they allow attendees to access valuable information on the conference – speakers, agendas, maps, and more.


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