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Last-minute wristbands

While every effort can be made to plan fully for an event, there are inevitably going to be unforeseen circumstances and overlooked elements that need some fast-action attention. And if one of these overlooked elements is access control, then the best option is to order some last-minute wristbands to ensure security and identification are catered for.

Things to consider when ordering last-minute wristbands

1. What type of wristband do you want?

When it comes to event admission, wristbands are a superior option, but depending on your budget and event type, there is quite a selection available. The most common wristband types you are likely to order last-minute are either Tyvek or vinyl wristbands. However, there is also the option of fabric or silicone wristbands, depending on your event needs.

2. Consider the design and style

If you’re ordering last-minute wristbands, then the simpler the better. While you can still choose whatever design, colour and font you would like, the room for error is minimised with something straight-forward. Possibly veer away from the more time-consuming embossing and debossing of wristbands and choose plain printed text.

3. Make sure you check the details

Wristbands are incredibly effective marketing tools with the ability to spread a company’s brand messaging beyond the event – especially in the case of reusable wristbands. Even if you’re ordering last-minute wristbands, make sure you take the time to check all the details thoroughly before completing the order. Things like spelling, colour contrasts, sizes and order numbers are important. Any mistakes will have detrimental ramifications for your brand.

4. Will the wristband match the event?

If you’re planning an event that extends for more than a day, you need to consider the wristband material type you’ll be using to ensure it’s durable enough for the event itself. While all wristbands are quite durable items, some are more hard-wearing than others. If you’re need these last-minute wristbands for the access control features then make sure you order wristbands that are non-transferrable – a silicone wristband is not a great choice here.

5. Ask about extra fees

Some suppliers, quite understandably, will have a surcharge for last-minute wristband orders. While this is not always ideal, if it means getting your order done to requirements and in time, then it’s worth the extra effort the supplier will be putting in. Just compare prices to check that you aren’t being taken advantage of.

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6. Check the supplier’s experience

When you’re in a tight bind and in desperate need of last-minute wristbands, make sure you’re working with only the best in the business. Check that the wristband supplier has sufficient experience for an order that works against the clock. The supplier should have a great track record for supplying high-quality wristbands en masse for a variety of clients. Just because you’re ordering last-minute wristbands, doesn’t mean they have to appear to be last-minute wristbands to the customer.